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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Survivor Portland Bureaucracy: Day 3

It's been a tough few days for Bruce Warner, executive director of the Portland Development Commission (PDC). First his agency's rank-and-file employees vote to form a union; then, even worse, he's voted off the island on Survivor Portland City Hall: Bureaucracy Edition. Yesterday's second-round vote was not close. It's unclear whether it was he or his agency that drew the wrath of the Tribal Council, but either way, Bruce's torch has been snuffed out, and he's to leave the island immediately. Go by streetcar!

That leaves 15 city bureau chiefs still contending for the title of Ultimate Survivor, and still in the running for our grand prizes: the chance to buy a prime piece of real estate from the city for a dollar, plus tax credits that were originally meant to help poor people. None of the players was mentioned by Nigel Jaquiss, Phil Stanford, or Randy Gragg in yesterday's media, and so no one has immunity today.

Which brings us to Tribal Council No. 3, where things should start to get a bit more interesting. Vote another one of the city bureau directors out of the picture. Do it for any reason, or for no reason, but do it just once a day, please. We'll keep at this, every city workday, until only one bureaucrat survives. As always, photos of the entire cast (except one camera-shy member), and links to each of their bureaus, are here.

Bruce has joined Zari in exile, and it's Day 3 of Survivor: Bureaucracy. Who should be the next city bureau chief to leave the island?
Amalia - Office of Neighborhood Involvement Director Amalia Alarcon
Chief Dave - Fire Chief Dave Sprando
Water Dave - Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff
Dean - Environmental Services Bureau Director Dean Marriott
Eloise - Regional Arts and Culture Council Director Eloise Damrosch
Gil - Planning Bureau Director Gil Kelley
Ken - Interim Chief Administrative Officer Ken Rust
Linda - City Attorney Linda Meng
Lisa - Emergency Communications Bureau Director Lisa Turley
Rosie - Police Chief Rosie Sizer
Revenue Sue - Revenue Bureau Director Sue Klobertanz
Transportation Sue - Office of Transportation Director Sue Keil
Sustainable Susan - Office of Sustainable Development Director Susan Anderson
Will - Housing and Community Development Bureau Director William White
Yvonne - Human Resources Director Yvonne Deckard
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Comments (8)

When are we going to get a chance to vote off our congressional delegation?

Multnomah County elected officials?

Democratic Presidential Candidates?
Forget the Republicans-it's just too easy.

Amalia goes! Do the folks at Neighborhood Involvement deliver anything useful? Anything worthwhile in my neighborhood was done by individuals or the Friends of Forest park. The latter, I believe, are the folks who rebuilt a small bridge and upgraded the Linnton trail. Amalia runs a way to big bureaucracy. With her gone they can downsize and send the surplus money over to fund schools.

Note: Mayor Potter is the 'commissioner' in charge of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

case closed.


Maybe the Portland Building Department which issued the permits for the construcion......

...no wait, that outfit is gone.....

...hmmm, Planning Bureau...?

Well, whatever...

A long ballot To mny names. Too many choices. Perhaps the candidates can find some public money to fund a campaign?

Just checking...Where do they go when they leave the island? Or should I ask, where does everyone think they should go?

The Portland Building Department is gone? Where did it go? Who issues building permits now?

Greg C

Gee and I used to work there. You think someone would have told me.

Amalia goes! Do the folks at Neighborhood Involvement deliver anything useful?

Yeah, they do. They provide support to the neighborhood coalition offices, and neighborhood associations that help give citizens a voice in city government. I think that's worth a lot.

Office of Neighborhood Involvement also has the staff that answers the phone at 503-823-4000...the City-County information line. Those folks are great at helping citizens get to the right people through the maze of the bureaucracy.

They also run the anti-graffiti program of the city and the crime prevention programs that are neighborhood based. Personally, I think they are one of the best --and certainly one of the most citizen-oriented-- bureaus in the City.

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