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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Scalia goes YouTube

Well, not exactly. But yesterday as part of deciding a case about police liability for a car chase that ended in a crash that seriously injured the fleeing suspect, the U.S. Supreme Court posted on its website the police video of the chase. The case is called Scott v. Harris, and links to the opinion as well as to the video (92 MB) can be found on this page. Alas, the file requires Real Player for viewing, and I'm not going there.

Comments (7)

Jack If you still want to see the video you can find it here.

Thanks. I did get a look at the video earlier today on the Mrs.'s computer, which had Real player working but not yet invading the system with all sorts of cr*p.

I'm not surprised at the outcome of the case, but it's not a very revealing video. I wonder if the Court will continue this practice if it ever takes any new obscenity cases. I want to know it when I see it, just like Potter Stewart.

This video kinda make me wonder what Justice John Paul Stevens thinks is exciting.

At his age (87), it may have to do with regularity.

87? I knew he was old, but that old, wow.

Yep. I suspect that the prospect of being replaced by a Bush pick is what's keeping him from retiring.

Thats probably the case.

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