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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Rudy on the Environment

In a word: abysmal.

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I can never remember--was it his first marriage that was to his second cousin, or his second marriage that was to his first cousin?

Gee - who would have thought - a Republican supporting the energy industry? What were you expecting? Maybe Rudi singing "Kumbaya" with the Sierra Club?

If he gets the nomination, he'll try. Maybe throw in a verse or two from "This Land is Your Land," too. But deep down, he's just Bush without the lobotomy.

i've taken to saying "Rudy who?" when people mention him.

he doesn't have a snowball's chance in global warming of winning.


maybe typical...

...of any politician with a real chance of election.

Edwards included.

Mountaintop-removal coal mining, anyone?
Yucca Flats?

C'mon, guilt by law firm affiliation?

by law firm affiliation?

Hell, yeah.

by law firm affiliation?

Hell, yeah.

If thats the case, then Edwards doesnt stand a chance after signing on with MoveOn & the Soros crowd.
I actually hoped he did stand a chance. The Repubs havent put anyone up I would really like to vote for, and I surely dont want Hilary as president. Obama isnt promising either.

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