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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Punks of the Month

If these cockroaches are still behind bars, Bernie, please! Do the right thing and throw away the key.

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Was your car one of the ones tagged? You sound ticked off.

I live in a city that's plagued with these people. They hide behind "art" and "politics," but it's usually just a group of white 20-something losers with nothing better to do when they're high. They need to pay for all of the other people's time and money that they waste. And they need help for their drug and other mental health problems.

20th and Belmont is an epicenter of this activity, and if the city pushes these two creeps (and their two pals who have eluded the cops so far) hard enough, maybe things will improve.

A Tazer and a good set of Boots might make these clowns see straight.

Really. Where are the "thumper" officers when we need them?

...and we can't just shoot 'em. That would be wrong. Well then, allow me to suggest a public stoning with the wronged property owners allowed to cast the final blows of blunt goodness to the craniums of these defective individuals. Too Saudi Arabia for ya'? Okay, how about limiting the punishment to public humiliation, where these fine individuals are dragged through the streets, their bodies marked with graffiti by spectators? Sorry Jack, but I just loathe vandals.

A month in jail would be good enough.

My van has been hit repeatedly by taggers, most recently by some cretin calling himself "Value Horse." As I trudged outside in the dead of night yet again to remove yet another insipid scrawl with toxic chemicals, I pondered what would be a fair punishment for this type of behavior.

Personally, if I could get away with it, I'd like to break their fingers and spray-paint their faces with their own paint. Unfortunately, this is Oregon, so that might be not such a good idea.

How about forcing them to remove grafitti for 40 hours per week for a month, in shackles, with striped uniforms ? No work, no food. Let 'em starve in a cold, filthy cell until they pick up a rag and some vile smelling solvent, and get to work...

My vote is for a taste of jail and a thousand hours of community service cleaning Cabbie's van. Much as I hate d***heads like these, there are many violent characters out there in greater need of locking up.

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