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Friday, May 18, 2007

Planned outage

By my reckoning, the last day on which there was no entry on this blog was last July 29.

The next such day will be tomorrow.

It's time to take a break after something like 293 days straight of bloggy goodness, rain or shine. I might even think about stuff a little.

The current plan is for a return sometime on Sunday, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

Everyone please stay on your best behavior now, and enjoy your Saturday.

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enjoy your weekend sir, thanks for this great forum. joco

And yet no word on the rumor! ACK!

A saterday without the Jack? Crap, I guess I'll just mow the lawn.

... think about stuff ...

Why not run an old one like the comics do, would anyone really notice?

Charlie Brown neber grows up and Hi and Lois mow the same lawn.

Have a good rest, But I'm betting you will look in from time to time...addiction it's called.LOL

You rest and we will make non-comments

Good idea Herb!
Non-comments #1:

With out a voter owned election, the linchpin fell out and the rim shot could not be heard.
"So what" you may say in your liberal condo development watching first the left one, then the right one swing stupendously by. If their is a rap sheet, street justice can be served curiously strong, just as a charter bus traveling a couplet to the trolly named desire.

Hey Jack It's after midnight are you back yet?

Spent yesterday afternoon enmeshed in the Alberta Street Fair. We had gone to dine early at Siam Society, but discovered it wasn't open. Somehow we ended up at the eminently forgettable One Thai down the block. The high point was the street parade, something that took me back to the early '70's when Hawthorne was just starting to move towards something transplanted from Berkeley in the early '60s. Except for a few trendy food joints, Alberta of today reminds me exactly of those early hippie days on Hawthorne. The more things change ....

And yet no word on the rumor! ACK!

Posted by Kari Chisholm

The Rumor is now out!

The important resignation is right here:


B O J A C K R E S I G N S!!!!!


He will be missed!


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