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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

No substitute for experience

The buzz is that Monica Lewinsky's back in town. Meanwhile, the City of Portland posts this contract opportunity. Coincidence?

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Well played, Jack.

When it comes Monica Lewinsky jokes, I think you're missing an opportunity for some real comedy. To whit:

Q. What did Monica Lewinsky buy in the cigar store?
A. A newspaper. She wanted to learn more about what a frighteningly catastrophic nightmare Bush's presidency has been.

Q. Why won't Monica Lewinsky wear a blue dress?
A. Because it would only remind her of the tens of thousands of people that have died in Iraq.

Q. How slutty is Monica Lewinsky?
A. She's so slutty that now even her country is torturing and murdering people in secret prisons.

I've got a million more.

When I first clicked on the Mercury link, I though the cartoon "how you should vote" was, in fact, Monica.

YOU are a bad boy Jack with that link...thanks :)

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