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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nice joint

My buddy Matt and I had some wonderful Bordeaux wine this evening at a spot called La Bodega, on Fremont at 16th 14th or so, next to the County Cork. Comfy, friendly setting, and it looked as though they could use more business. Quite the exotic beer list as well as the fine vino. We both said how glad we were that we stopped in.

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Great place, but I think it is between 13th and 14th on Fremont in NE.

yup, Jed's right: between 13th and 14th. We were drinking a nice 2003 Bordeaux that was also very reasonably priced -- $25 for the bottle. Not that we drank the whole bottle.

Very nice place, and good people who run it. They have tastings almost every Sunday afternoon. It's a good way to learn more about a category of wine or beer and try a bunch of different things. $8 or so usually includes 4 or 5 tastes. Plus free snacks!

Their web site, with details is at labodegapdx.com.

I did get the address wrong -- under the influence of all that great wine! Of course, it's 13th or 14th, not 16th. At least I said "next to the County Cork" -- I didn't drink so much I missed that.

Um, there's usually five glasses of wine in a single bottle, on average. So I wouldn't be worrying so much about two adult males splitting a single bottle of wine if I were you...!

I hallucinate on Dr. Pepper.

I think the shakers behind La Bodega have some sort of wholesale wine biz on the "side" so La Bodega on Fremont is just another branch on their vine...as it were...you can get info about their Sunday afternoon tastings at another wonderful PDX blog http://www.portlandfoodanddrink.com/


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