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Thursday, May 3, 2007

More of nothing

Good news -- the free Portland wi-fi cloud has expanded. Now it doesn't work over an even larger area! Another spectacular success from the keen mind of You-Know-Who. (Now lying low until Mark Wiener tells him he can be mayor.)

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Ha ha that's pretty funny. And true! The City that (doesn't) work demonstrating that same utility and business acumen that resulted in our absurdly high water rates. Hey city: we already have internet service, and if we don't there are plenty of free wifi sources all over town without yours, so please stop wasting other folks' money on dumb projects.

Wifi and "permeable" parking pavers (that according to a guy I talked to installing them will not last) along Naito parkway, what stroke of genius is next? I trmble to think....

Those "premeable" pavers will last about 10 years by experience, then for repair/replacement it will over five times the cost of asphalt-three times over "premeable asphalt".

Look for Burnside/Couch speced similarily. You gotta be green, and it will cost a lotta green. One reason for the $80M to be a joke.

I predict they will be buckling, uneven and popping up well before that. the sand between them is already washing out. It is one of the dumbest things I've seen. And the parking along Front Ave is ill advised. Sure, the city has discretionary immunity from liability for the crashes this will cause, but what about the rest of us? The parking causes danger making a right out onto the street and chokes off a lane as Ethel and Luther attempt endlessly to park their F-250, to the chagrin of ruch hour commuters.

Meanwhile, I bought an infill house ten yrs ago in inner SE, with all downspouts connected to a dry well, and I can't get a break on my water bill "storm water" bill.

And the city wanted to buy PGE? Ha ha!

I concur...

Ha ha!

all downspouts should be connected to the knee bone...

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