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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mission accomplished

The soul of Portland has been sold to California. Now this gunslinger can move on.

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Is this more downsizing by the Big O? It's nice that he thinks the Big O is all lovey-dovey and looking forward to his next adventure...anything other than architectural critique will be a good thing.

Maybe he'll now move to Coeur d'Alene and help turn that into a condo jungle.

They'd eat him alive over there.

I'm sure we'll see his black beret and turtleneck around Portland somewhere. No doubt Portland Monthly will be on the phone in the morning. Maybe the architects have a professional organization that he could flak for. Lord knows he's been doing it for years on the O's dime.

Whatever. His departure is a great moment for the city's neighborhoods, whose struggle against the filth of developer money is hard enough without his river of insults.

I'm betting he'll move to the PDC.


Nah. Too many "little people" working there. It's got to be at least slightly artsy, and very trendy. I'm thinking maybe some kind of "institute" at Portland State.

something tells me the Tribune's going to see at least some guest articles.

or, more likely, WW.

I bet he's going to work for one of those developers he has been writing puff pieces about. Suck up.

He'll probably be a fellowhip professor at PSU so he can write a book and attend all the "coffee klatches" in SoWhat.

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