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Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's official: I don't get no respect

I can't believe it, but we're still getting flyers about the Portland charter revision election. People, we already voted! This is the third "no" campaign special to grace our mailbox, and this time it really, really hurt. Check this out:

People they respect (whoever "they" are): Amanda, Dave Lister, even Mr. Streetcar. And the kids at the Merc! But moi? Non.

I do and do and do for this city, and this is the thanks I get. Oh, well.

Hey, I have figured out the most burning issue in this election. How much do "no" campaign strategy genius Mark Wiener and whoever's running the "yes" campaign charge for these?

For a town that's supposed to be so hip and creative-class, that is some tired shinola, people. You wonder why nobody votes in these things? Pass the freakin' Geritol.

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I guess it's no surprise that they didn't think it would be kosher to put the phrase "FURIOUS nads!" on that list either.

There's that space after Willamette Week -- it would have been [sob] so easy [sniff] for them to squeeze me in.

It's such an odd campaign. Frank Ivancie as "someone we respect?"

Instead of the usual suspects, I would've thought that having Portland Charter Review Committee members who don't support the Charter changes was more significant than their being buried in a list of names suggests.

This really is the oddest of campaigns, and so, so unfortunate because rather than having the conversation we need about what is truly dysfunctional in city government, we're buried in empty rhetoric from both sides.

Given who is on the list of opponents -- most of them wrong on every other issue I care about -- I would have to seriously consider supporting this measure. Fortunately, I no longer live in the People's Republic of Portland and so don't have to have an opinion.

"For a town that's supposed to be so hip and creative-class, that is some tired shinola, people."

The image on the left is actually Kyle Chisek. The other two are unidentified, but by all appearances, they too are just in from the Upper Midwest.

By the way, that is actually what Potter's haircut looks like . . .

I appreciate the sentiment but I'd rather be feared :)

One thing about the mail piece..... the inference is that the folks listed who oppose 26-91 favor 26-92 and that is not necessarily the case.

Jack... sorry you were snubbed. I will have you on the radio again. We'll talk about affordable detox.

Frank D.,

I sadly have to agree, and posted the same comments on BlueOregon. A huge disappointment.

There seems to be a few well thought out campaign themes here:

1) Portland is great and the commissioner form of government deserves all the credit.

2) Portland is great and the commissioner form of government deserves no credit

3) If you hate George Bush and the war in Iraq, you must love the commissioner form of government

4) I'm Tom Potter, you elected me, so vote to change the government

5) Big money bad (if business), big money not bad (if public service unions) (Wait, I added that last one!)

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