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Friday, May 11, 2007

It don't come easy

I see Chris Snethen's new fitness regimen is off to a bumpy start.

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On the serious side, somebody at the O is finally figuring out what it's like to write for the internet. Check out the last paragraph of the story.

They stole the Google map linky idea from the Trib, who's been doing it for a while now.

Snethen the food in the vending machine is not in your 100 mile range!

All I remember was tasting almonds. Next thing I knew I was in the back of a truck on my way up to Mt St Helens.

One phone call and they released me back into my natural habitat. Must have been low blood sugar. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did you cop a nice buzz off the tranquilizer gun?

Imagine, if the bear cub had been on this side of the river he would have been tasered several times and then a fireman would have kicked him a lot. As it is, he got a nice buzz, a solid nap, and free travel!

I dunno. In some neighborhoods, it's kill, then taser, in that order.

They stole the Google map linky idea from the Trib, who's been doing it for a while now.

Well, linking to a Google Map isn't such an out-there idea. And actually, The O's been using Google Map links in blogs for quite a long time. Here's one from January 2006.

Wow -- a story from 2006. Some day you must show us all the secret of finding anything more than two weeks old on that site.

It would be interesting if you could show us a Google map link from, say, the last three months. It's been the exception, rather than the rule, in your news stories, or blogs, or whatever you're calling that mishmash of a site these days.

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