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Friday, May 4, 2007

It ain't the same

I miss the Portland Freelancer.

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Thanks, as always, for the kind words. The project's going okay, but it's a race against the clock. I've had to learn a hi-def video camera, and prepare to make a documentary. This is one of those times when you don't enjoy the process but you have to press on.

I've always wanted to make a statement about my best friend from Dhahran, a guy named Walker Heywood. We started forming bands, etc...in around 5th grade and were great buddies till his second year of college(Stanford) when he was killed in a terrorist attack on a Pan Am jet at Rome airport. The twist is I never saw his family again. They left Arabia after this happened and the other times we could have met were canceled by either them or me. It was classic dysfunctional stuff. Ironically, the blog was my first time really writing about it, and I felt better afterwards.

Anyway, I've always wanted to make a statement about this - the guy deserved it - so the plan is to meet up with his stepmother and sister in a few months and deal with it. Incidentally, the stepmother was one of my grade school teachers.

Then my brother is onboard to edit the video and make a documentary. So my days are filled with trying to write the script and record the music. I also have little meetings and phone calls to try and rustle up reports from the Italian government, etc... - not your typical comedy writer things.

Last month I realized that I wasn't progressing much on all this and it would be a close call. This is one of those times where you get it right or it haunts you forever, so I have to get serious. One of the worst feelings is when you need to do something but you can't quite get to it.

It also turns out that when I write the Leno jokes, and skip the blog in the morning, they're better. I had been enjoying blogging so much, I would often try and do the Leno stuff from 10:10 to 10:30 with mediocre results. We have an escort service scandal in Washington and this could be a great opportunity. My joke last night was about the D.C. Madam - for an extra 50 bucks she could be the AC/DC Madam.
There was also one about President Bush that was not funny but had a good message: "The President and Congress are currently battling over the Iraq spending bill - see, this is why President Bush wanted a monarchy. So this stuff wouldn't happen."

In closing, here's one from the cruder-than-Leno radio gig: Queen Elizabeth is visiting. We should book her on "Extreme Makeover: The Battleship Edition".

Thanks for your help and if I get enough things wrestled into shape, I could still get back into the blogging game. It was classic that the E. Howard Hunt audio tape came out just when I quit. All those years following the JFK assassination, and the strongest evidence yet of a government plot comes out the week I quit blogging. Yikes.
---Bill McDonald

Geez, Bill, the morning isn't the same without you. C'mon back, please.

My first knowledge of Bill Mc Donald was when Bill was on the radio with Phil Stanford. Bill had a partner in those days..can't remember his name. As normal Bill was hilarious and so very timely. Somewhat like Michael Moore, but more comedic. I too, enjoy his blogging. As I once stated his Tribune affair was sporadic and it suggested he had not the time for it. So Bill please grace us with your humor and insights as often as is feasible.

Ya' gotta give Bill something to play off of to work with.

The local story angle to advance.
The plates on that mini red cooper.

---Bill McDonald

---Bill McDonald

Guy funny.

Funny guy.

Bill, surely there's yumyum for Jay in candidate material like this item
This comment banned at BlueOregon, DemockThought Police.

Edwards, Hillary, Obama, all the self-called Democratic candidates might fall outside the Party if and when grassroots voters start defining it, by majority. Think fast (without polls and focus grouping), and sense how people are going to vote on this: Mike Gravel: “That one is real simple, I would legalize marijuana. […] You should be able to buy that at a liqour store.”

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