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Friday, May 18, 2007

If the donuts don't kill you

A reader sends along an e-mail message that she got from a friend last night:

Here's a story, and I wonder if you'll think I'm off my rocker or the only sane one. The kids and I were driving up to Krispy Kreme (a once in a year thing, I swear) and there were two guys dressed in Star Wars fighter uniforms. Very expensive ones with complete face-covering helmets, and they were carrying what looked like assault rifles.

Right away I was on my guard. I parked the car at the far end of the parking lot and wouldn't let the kids out. I mean, what a great way to massacre a bunch of people! There is no way anyone could i.d. these guys, and everyone was so unsuspecting. I watched for a few minutes and when I saw that they were talking peacefully it seems to a normal-looking guy, I went inside and asked if the masked armed men were hired by Krispy Kreme. They thought that was funny!

But really, why Star Wars at a donut shop? Homer Simpson, yeah, I can see the tie-in. Anyway, if you ever want to kill a bunch of unsuspecting people, show up in a Star Wars costume. Nobody asked about these guys but me!!! People were coming up to them, no problem! Am I totally paranoid or what? What really freaked me out was that when we were leaving, some parents were taking pictures of the two guys, and one of them was holding the machine gun-type thing to their child's head while the child was kneeling, execution-style. I am not kidding!!!!! This is a sick, sick, sick, sick world!

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Except in America, you don't need to hide behind a Star Wars costume to shoot people in a donut shop.

You just walk down to your local gunshop, buy a gun, and then walk into Krispy Kreme and open fire.

Or rent a police uniform and randomly beat people to death...

The funniest thing is, these guys in Star Wars outfits were COPS!

I saw this at the KK in Beaverton. (We didn't buy donuts, my toddler needed to use the facilities and it was the closest restroom along our route). The Washington County Sheriff's office was doing some sort of fund raiser. I can't remember the charity (Easter Seals?), but I remember thinking that it was one of the oddest things I'd seen outside the Portland city limits in a long time.

I love the way everyone has to make up excuses about being near a Krispy Kreme.

Now, cops at a donut shop, I understand. But cops dressed as stormtroopers? Seriously?

As a kid, I remember walking into a 7-11 on Halloween night. Immediately, we were told "No masks in the store" -- and despite our complaints about having to go out of character, they were insistent.

At least 7-11 gets it.

I love the way everyone has to make up excuses about being near a Krispy Kreme.

Reminds me of when I lived in Utah and would bump into Mormon friends at/near the liquor store.

Here is a picture of the big scary gun. I think she might just scard of anything that might look like a gun.

*scared* even. Thats what I get for not using the preview button.

I am the original writer of this story. I wanted to clarify that while we were there for about 20 minutes there were only two storm troopers and there was absolutely no sign or any other indication that they had a reason to be there. Just two masked, armed men standing in front of Krispy Kreme.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. There are terrorists thugs and murderers under every bed ...

... oh, that's the Lincoln bedroom at The Fright House. The Evil Office with Bush in it sure has got your serotonin on gestapo alert, quite apparently.

Then other times, periodically, there are aspects of the planets which elevate the fear pus (like a high tide), and more noticeable in those who have the congenital or developed predisposition. Signs and reports this week seemed to indicate that now is one of those times, with a let-up (tide turning) Tuesday, and back to constant intense background fearmongering, as massmind media's hypnotic-suggesters resume 24/7 channeling The Fright House.

Ya' know, you 'predisposed to panic' victims oughta consider suing the agents doing this on purpose, and they are ... take a slow breath now and re-examine the implications of knowing the truth is: Nine Eleven Op was no fanatic religious hijackers, Arab, Muslim or otherwise, those are who were framed and blamed, a TV Special ruse ... but Cheney did it.

This is exactly why I love/hate the internet.

Hey, don't worry, Justin. You live in a state where people can carry concealed weapons, so maybe someone will save you the responsibility of protecting yourself.

let's imagine for a moment:

Joe: "hey Bob, let's put Star Wars costumes, grab our assault rifles and go down and massacre people at the Krispy Kreme."

Bob: "er...why Star Wars costumes? those cost hundreds of dollars and they're easy to trace."

Joe: "because it's cool! and, nobody could ID us."

Bob: "you mean, except by the car we drive up and escape in?"

Joe: "..."

Bob: "...?"

Joe: "how about we just pick up a dozen glazed, then?"

Bob: "cool!"

Hey, don't worry, Justin. You live in a state where people can carry concealed weapons, so maybe someone will save you the responsibility of protecting yourself.

Paranoid much?

"But cops dressed as stormtroopers? Seriously?"

Heck yeah!

Why is their a guy in a gorilla suit waving at traffic in front of some store on 82nd? Why is there a guy in a chicken promoting some apartment complex in Milwaukie?

The reason this is a "sick, sick, sick, sick, world" is because too many people have let the media, the government and the rest of the fear-mongers take over.

Signs, signs, everywhere: signs. An item moving on the AP wire this afternoon, (I mean no disrespect to injured persons, it's just abnormal):

Gorilla Escapes at Dutch Zoo, Injures 4

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- A 400-pound gorilla escaped from his enclosure and ran amok in a Rotterdam zoo Friday, biting one woman, dragging her around, and causing panic among dozens of visitors before he was finally subdued, officials and a witness said. ...

Justin asked: "Paranoid much?"

I dunno, Justin. You posted this:
"You just walk down to your local gunshop, buy a gun, and then walk into Krispy Kreme and open fire."

That sounds a little paranoid to me.

But, like I said, maybe if you're worrying about that happening, knowing your fellow citizens may be armed might make you feel a little better.

Here's a question. How many people with Oregon concealed carry permits do things like just walk down to your local gunshop, buy a gun, and then walk into Krispy Kreme and open fire per year ?

Remember, our various high courts have ruled again and again that Law Enforcement can not and will not be held responsible if they can't get to you in time to save you from a violent predator. Their primary job is to collect forensic evidence and to try to find the perp.

The are not legally obligated to protect you from the comission of a violent crime.

You know, maybe if we educated people about guns a bit, regular folk wouldnt be so freaking scared of them (they are just a tool, folks) and they would know what a real gun looks like, and what a "laser rifle" from make-believe movie world looks like.

Just a thought.

"Keep Portland Weird" - and so it continues...

Just saying, cowgirl up ...

Armed police swoop on fancy dress cowgirls with toy guns, By LIZ HULL, LINK to photo.

The comments following the news include this: I really think that the police are now going over the top at the slightest incident and making a mockery of themselves.

S'cuse me, those are our tax dollars the police are mocking.

Tensk -- notice that link was a Brit paper? It wouldn't have happened like that in Idaho! Or anywhere in Oregon outside of a certain two counties.

Other way around: The abominable fearmen are catapulting the propaganda in every land under Murdoch's satellite footprint.

And this just in, approximately, (from Canada -- too near to snooze, too far to stifle):

US government fans homeland terrorism fear -- Washington consensus plans for martial law, nuclear terror holocaust, behind closed doors, by Larry Chin, Global Research, May 15, 2007

Gullible, paranoid and violent US citizenry
Lurid news coverage of the Fort Dix plot, the Virginia Tech massacre, and "war on terrorism" and a steady diet of "anti-terror" entertainment such as the television series 24, continue to spark panic and constant fear of "terrorism threats" among US citizens.

Reaction to the Fort Dix incident among the acquiescent and complacent populace has been uniformly paranoid, marked by saber-rattling and war-mongering. Some portions of the United States have been reverted quickly to the immediate post-9/11 mindset. A fear-struck populace is easily led.

The real threat remains the same
What the world must continue to take seriously is not a threatened strike by "terrorists", but the violent desperation of a stumbling New World Order ...

Many further links in the original text buttress the article, fyi. And a quick reality check to know before you go -- Have you kept up reading the world-wide web of news enough? -- to be unsurprised and unfrightened at the points the article expects everyone has seen; a pair of T. or F. questions: Several operation-level concentration camps have been built in the US and are standing-by? In 2006, the Bushes finished acquiring land in Argentina for their 'family compound,' and construction with walls and fortifications continues hurriedly? (Your answers to the last two questions tell you your answer to the prior one.)

As the fascist policy array and dictatorial behavior of today's federal administration gets increasingly blatant and too brazen to ignore, one's astonishment and alarm, recommending a personal reappraisal of position in our dangerous socio-political crisis, is the sort of things and 'stuff,' I imagine, and hope, Jack has stepped back to sort out, for himself, and his family.

April 1, 2007 the City of Beaverton adopted an ordinance regarding the unlawful use of a replica firearm. Information regarding the ordinance may be obtained from the Beaverton Police Department. The 16415 NW Cornell Road Krispy Kreme location where the original writer encountered the two Star Wars Stormtroopers equipped with assault rifles (allegedly Washington County sheriffs in disguise) is within the city limits of Beaverton.

April 1, 2007 the City of Beaverton adopted an ordinance regarding the unlawful use of a replica firearm.

That specifically addresses "air-soft" guns, which shoot harmless plastic pellets. (an ordinance which was stupid in its own right.) But I dont think it says anything about movie props or fake laser guns.

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