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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here's what we really need

In the second phase of Mayor Potter's Portland Vision Quest, I'm recommending that we implement stricter government accountability measures.

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Think of how accountable the FDA would become!

I was thinking about the Parks Bureau for starters.

Would each commissioner get to impose that penalty for their bureaus, or would we make this a "strong mayor" power?

I think that kind of accountability might be appropriate for the tram, SoWhat, PDC scamming and the PDC negative appraisel for the Trammel-eat-Crow site. I am getting tired of the typical explaination of "that is the nature of government. Individuals in government need strong accountability, I'm required to like most of us.

That story out of China is pretty sad. The poor schmuck who got offed is a scapegoat. The Chinese government doesn't give a rat's ass about human life and product safety; it just wants to increase exports at all costs.

Closer to home, I don't think the death penalty should be applied to bureaucrats. They get blamed for everything, when the real accountability should be higher up the chain. Elected officials, okay; they asked for it. Really, the death penalty--and a very slow painful death at that--should be reserved for the likes of Andy Widerhorn and the creeps at Enron who screwed thousands of retirees out of their pensions.

Civilized people don't kill each other, under color of state authority or otherwise. China also imposes the death penalty for copyright infringement and a host of other economic crimes.

Ok, so he got the death penalty for allowing it to happen...what about the corporations that created the stuff? How about some strict punishment for the CEOs?

We could run a Stalinist Strong Mayor system. If the commissioner in charge fouls up, the mayor's chief of staff walks into their office and hands them a revolver. "You can take care of it yourself," they would say, "or I'll be back in ten minutes."

When will there be a public accounting for the truck loads of city "grant" money that Potter handed out to every scammers who promised to bring back "tens of thousands of surveys"? Now we learn the visioning boondoggle is $300,000 over budget. So, over $1.5 million has been wasted on a report for a mayor who thinks he governing Alice's Wonderland.

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