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Thursday, May 3, 2007


I see The New York Times has a new public editor. The old one's two-year stint has come to a close. One of the interesting issues he's written about lately was whether the Times should publish the name of the stripper in he Duke lacrosse players case, whose accusations have proven to be unfounded.

Which reminds me that our local daily print newspaper in Portland still does not have a public editor, does it? It needs fresh oversight from an experienced outsider journalist.

I wouldn't charge too much.

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You'd be looking for Mike Arietta-Walden. He has a blog on oregonlive and weekly column in the Oregonian.



While I knew of him before hand, a simple google search of "oregonian public editor" would have yielded the same results.

"It needs fresh oversight from an experienced outsider journalist."

Most experienced outsider journalists do their fact checking before writing articles.

Check the date of the latest entry on that blog -- genius.

Heck, that was only 14 months ago. Recent in Oregonian blog time. I wonder how the public editor works to deal with pieces that I read in the Oregonian a week after they appear in the NY Times, Wash Post, or WSJ. The Oregonian is tied with the Seattle Times as the most depauperate news source in the Northwest.

So I see! Guy doesn't update much does he? Still, he is the public editor is he not?

If he is, he's not doing his job.

No, the guy is now a managing editor. I think there is a woman in the public editor slot now, but I don't know her name.

Which says a lot.

I'm also available for this gig.

I'm also available for this gig.

Hands off.

Gimme 5K up front and I'll be as famous as Elvis.

only without the sequins...

and the dead thing...

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