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Monday, May 7, 2007

Give them a foot

Portland Mayor Tom Potter is setting up some more of his famed 10-minute meetings with local residents. The e-mail announcing the latest round really caught my eye for the way it abbreviated the time interval:

Event: 10" Community Mtg w/Mayor in Powellhurst/Gilbert

Pizza Baron, 2604 SE 122nd
Saturday, May, 12 2007 @ 2:30 PM

I couldn't tell if the 10" part referred to the pizza, or what.

Comments (8)

It might be a subliminal message to voters about being a strong mayor.

From the announcement on ONI's site:

First-come, first-served or until all 10-minute slots are filled.


I think that 10", 10 inches.

Someone else can take it from there.

Linear inches or geographical seconds (as in when locating something globally (GPS), not minutes which is represented by a single mark, as in '.

So I would assume its a typo.

Someone else can take it from there.

You mean like the people who already did before you posted that?

"So I would assume its a typo."

How can you tell?

Maybe it does mean 10 seconds....the mayor looks at you, and tells you to "shut up" when you try and speak. Meeting over.

gotta be the pizza...

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