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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Get it out of your system

The Beaver jokes will be flowing all weekend. (Actually, they had already started before this.)

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I thought prostitution was legal in Vegas. At any rate, I guess it's not true that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Gone from playing for the Beavers to pandering them.

Prostitution is only legal at a select few State licensed brothels in Nevada. Its interesting - Las Vegas has a more tightly restrictive sex industry than Portland. I believe it is still illegal in NV to serve alcohol at a full frontal nudity establishment.

Prostitution is illegal in Nevada in counties with populations over 250,000 (as I recall) -- which means Clark (Las Vegas) and Washoe (Reno) are disqualified. From Vegas, the usual destination is Pahrump, just across the line in Nye county, about an hour's drive to the North.

Butch is correct, it is illegal (at least in Vegas) to serve alcohol at establishments that allow full nudity. Booze is only available at "topless" establishments (except for a couple of clubs in town that were grandfathered in when that rule took effect).

However, I'd argue about the "more tightly restrictive" than Portland comment. Having sampled such establishments in both locations, many times, I can say without a doubt that the experience in Portland just doesn't hold a candle to the clubs here in Vegas. Rules on contact between entertainers and patrons are much more liberal in Vegas. 'Nuff said. ;-)

its great to see how he was able to fall back on his fine education at osu when the football thing didnt work out. go cougs go wsu... NPIP (no pimps in pullman) joco

Much has been and is worded of women's thoughts about 'their' men ogling the fine flesh of 'other' (read: 'younger') women.

Here, I would put in words a thought that occurred to me when seeing a woman drooling at some sports programming on TV, a football game, perhaps. First, I thought it odd a (generic) woman, having never played the game and having no team 'favorite,' was so so soooo interested in watching so so soooo closely; and second, I thought she's fantasizing in the fine flesh sculptures.

So, guys, maybe that's why the gals are not entirely resistant to joining you in watching whatever your 'Game of the Week' is. On the other hand, why are the guys watching that ...?

I just moved out to Scappoose last month. I didn't realize what a happenin' place this is.

What happens in Scapoose, stays in Scapoose.

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