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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Earl's knot running

I see that Earl the Pearl's not running for the U.S. Senate against Gordon Smith. It looks as though Smith will coast to another six years. In a surprisingly frank piece on BlueOregon, Blumenauer's explaining his decision. He also reveals that the full-length ties that he was wearing while exploring the possibility of a statewide race were clip-ons, which have been certified as more sustainable than ties that you tie yourself. They are also safer for biking.

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I rather think Gordon Smith is good for the State of Oregon as a U.S. Senator. He is doing a good job representing all of Oregon and all Oregonians. I for one find it refreshing that someone representing Oregon isn't from the left of the left. Although he may be a Republican, and that's an anathema to a growing majority in the Willimatte Valley, he isn't from the fringe that runs the Republican party in this State.

Regarding clipon ties, didn't they go out of fashion with short pants and clipon ties on childred during the 50's? So then what gives with Blumenauer tossing his bowtie overboard?

I'm sure the pollsters told him he'd have to lose the bowtie if he wanted to run for statewide office. The image of a bowtied liberal lawyer from Portland -- on a bicycle, no less -- just won't play in the eastern and southern portions of our fair state.

One good reason for Earl not to run against Smith is that he might lose.

I heard Vera Katz on Bob Miller's morning show say that she didn't think anyone could beat Smith this time around. I think Defazio would have been a contender. I think a lot of R's would vote for him over Smith.

I'm fine with Smith being in the Senate so long as the Dems have the majority. Because no matter how "moderate" he may be, he's still going to caucus with his party and thus give committee chairmanship to such luminaries as Jim Inhofe and John Cornyn if the GOP takes over. If he's in the minority party, however, no such concern.

Why would Earl want to jump ship from the only organization in the Country polling worse than the Bush Administration?

Poor Sam Adams.

He'll have to wait until September to see if Grampy runs again or if Sam will get a shot at an open Mayor's chair.

If Earl had run for the Senate seat, Sam would be running for the House seat Earl would be acating.in the

Poor Amanda. She'll also have to wait 'til late summer to find out if she'll get another $ 150K in politician's welfare money to run for Sam's "should-be- open" City Council seat.

Dave Lister at least has the integrity to raise his own money to run.

Smith said that from about 1986 to 2007, he had been visited by an angel named Moroni. He was to find and publish a long-buried book of gold plates protected by the angel, that told of the ancient inhabitants of the western continents. The book, along with other artifacts, was buried in a hill near his home in oregon . Smith said the angel had finally allowed him to take the plates and other artifacts, although by this time he began having difficulties with Portland Cops who were trying to discover where the plates were hidden on the Smith farm.

Poking fun at the religious beliefs of others is in very poor taste. Of course, poking fun at another's political affiliation is perfectly acceptable.

I agree, very poor form. And Todd, you don't see drunks and vagrants wandering the streets of SLC or Spanish Fork.

I think neither DeFazio nor Blumenauer had a good enough chance of success to make risking their House seats worthwhile. If some Democrat is going to beat Smith, he'll have to be pretty centrist and/or hail from outside the Willamette Valley.

Might I suggest Ben Westlund?

Westlund? He'd have to decide on which party he believes in first. If any.

Yes, I believe we learned about the future electability of Sen. Westlund during his tremendously popular independent run for governor last year. His political career is, as they say, on next week's Western Civ exam.

Speaking of "very poor taste", I find the Oregonian's editorial cartoon today concerning Rev. Falwell, on the day of his death sickening, disgusting.

I wear a regular tie while biking to meetings. Doesn't get in the way at all.

I haven't been over to Blueoregon yet, but my question is: why would Earl give up a seat on Ways and Means? Has any congressman ever done that to run for Senate? Especially during his first term on Ways and Means?

Don't count out Steve Novick, although after what happened a few minutes agon in the Suns game, it might not be a good year for Steves.

Novick is the kind of guy you know is way smarter than you, yet you still want to go have a beer with him.

"He'd have to decide on which party he believes in first. If any."

Well, bein' as I'm an independent, I don't really care which party he's in... if any.

All things considered I thought the Falwell cartoon was very mild. As always (except on Iraq) I go to Christopher Hitchens to help me put thoughts into words:


re: Mr Falwell and Christopher Hitchens-

Twould be nice if we really really had separation of church and state.....as far as I can tell religion is the foundation of all the wars, famines and human suffering since we put our little toes one inch out of the jungle.

Speaking of "very poor taste", I find the Oregonian's editorial cartoon today concerning Rev. Falwell, on the day of his death sickening, disgusting.

Since I find Falwell to be sickening, disgusting, I can't get very worked up about a mild cartoon that ridicules his beliefs. Where did the idea ever come from that we shouldn't speak ill of the dead, anyway? If a man is a bigoted lunatic in real life, he should know that will continue to be his legacy in death.

Y'know, Miles,

I doubt anyone really expected you to "get worked up" about the Falwell cartoon.

I suspect that, in the unlikely event anyone thought of you at all, they would have expected such a reaction.

Miles and Sherwood, I hope I am around to speak ill on your death-should be nice for your family and friends. What respect you show. Just because you may disagree with someones relgion, principals, position, there is a socially acceptable respect that should be shown for ones passing. There is goodness in everyone no matter how you may seek out the worse in a person.

Clarence Darrow: "I never killed a man, but I read many an obituary with great pleasure." Or something to that effect.

How many think Fallwell's death was an Act of God? Raise your hand.

"How many think Fallwell's death was an Act of God? Raise your hand."

Clearly his viewers didn't come through with enough donations in time.

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