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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Definitional issue

The Multnomah County Democratic Party just sent me an e-mail that invites "PCPs and all interested Democrats" to attend training in Tualatin on Saturday. The idea, they say, is "to train and prepare activists and future leaders with the skills and knowledge to ensure Democratic victories throughout Oregon."

Fine, but I've got just one question: What the heck is a PCP?

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Precinct Committee Person.

Oh. Thanks.

politically correct peabrain

Damn I thought it meant " Politically Correct Pr**k".

Hmmm, I thought it was Partido Comunista del Peru, a.k.a the Shining Path.

Or angel dust.

Pimpin' Cesna Pilot.

Pretty cool proposals!

Parse carefully, people: PCPs communicate public persuasions committeewise, present Party communications publicly, plus carry public potency concerning Party processes.


-Gavin White
Chair, Multnomah Democrats

PS: PCPs are elected by their fellow Party members in their neighborhood to represent them in the "Central Committee" of the County. The Central Committee is the highest authority on all matters relating to the Party within the County. See ORS 248 for more info.

The Central Committee is the highest authority on all matters relating to the Party...

Perfect terminology for our far-out-left region.

Perfect terminology for our far-out-left region.

Nah, just a quote from the ORS. Essentially, the Central Committee is equivalent to a very large Board of Directors.

Horse tranquilizer.

"The Central Committee is the highest authority on all matters relating to the Party"

Sounds like something out of the Soviet Politburo.

Must be that the legislators adopting this statute in the 1950s were working with the Politburo, then. From the ORS:

248.031 Precinct committeepersons as county central committee; status and functions of committee.
The precinct committeepersons of the county shall constitute the county central committee of their party. The county central committee of each major political party is the highest party authority in county party matters and may adopt rules or resolutions for any matter of party government within the county which is not controlled by the laws of this state.

Primary Care Providers. They needed a more palatable term than the traditional "Minders" that have historically characterized the left.

Sorry Jack, I'll abbreviate next time..but the word was appropriate.

No problem. Who are you to know where the asterisk-al line is drawn? Even I don't know sometimes until I look at the word in question.

Ugh. If there's one thing in this world I want from the state party, it's to ditch this horrible acronym.

No one outside of the county party universe has any freaking clue what it is - except that maybe it has something to do with narcotics.

The Central Committee is the highest authority on all matters relating to the Party

Hmmm...kinda sounds like a line from Russian cold-war propaganda.

oops, sorry Dave. I missed your comment, you beat me to it.

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