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Monday, May 7, 2007


I see that the editorial board of the O has started up a blog. Of sorts. But apparently it's not just the editorial board's blog, because there are also letters and op-ed stuff from other people -- material that presumably didn't make the cut for the print edition of the newspaper and the "main" opinion section of OregonLive. What a painful way for prose to die.

Oh, and the editorial board's blog is not to be confused with the editors' blog, which is something totally different, you see. Is it just me, or does the hash that is OregonLive just get denser and denser by the week? You could try to figure it out, but in two weeks they'll dig some more mouse holes and rebury everything somewhere new. You'll never find anything.

One interesting aspect of the new blog is that if they publish your letter there, they'll apparently also be nice enough to run your home address and telephone number and e-mail address, so that your new friends out in cyberspace can have fun with you.

The URL address of the new blog is:


What, was hopeless.org already taken?

Don't get me wrong, most of the O reporters who are pounding their beats every day are doing a fine job. But the folks in the private offices? Dinosaurs staring at the death star.

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Jack, it's only 9:30 and you've already made my day! Honestly, I spend almost as much time--maybe as much time--on your blog as on oregonlive.com. Even though you proudly support a rich lawyer for president (rim shot?) Did oregonlive talk with their lawyer before they decided to publish home addresses and email addresses?

Generally I ignore social networking sites but your Survivor series is great. I'm getting a tiny bit of my frustration with the City out there and that feels good. Take care of yourself and keep it coming.

You are not being fair to hash. Hash is good. Corned beef, roast beef, salmon, all make good hash.

Oregonlive on the otherhand......

Astonishing how badly our "paper of record" can "not get it."

Instead of continually launching new-fangled web initiatives, why don't they just repair the rough draft of a site they already have, in which old links simply die...not even offering you an opportunity to buy the "pay-per-view" version, or giving you enough info to look the article up at the library?

Here's a more detailed breakdown of why the Oregonian's web site is so awful.

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