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Friday, May 4, 2007

Count on it

A friend writes:

This coming Sunday morning, May 6, 2007, at three minutes and four seconds after two o'clock a.m., the time will be [check it out]:

02:03.04, 05/06/07.

Just thought you should know. Don't miss it! ;-)

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I'll sleep through the event all the same, thanks. (Not that a terribly geeky part of me wouldn't love to stay up just to see it, but...)

2:03 on a Saturday night? Not a problem on my end.

Aha, but are you counting standard time or Daylight Saving Time?

Of course, this is utterly and completely wrong for countries that don't format their dates and times the way we do.

These sorts of things fail entirely to interest me unless there's a pattern in the sequence itself -- like largest increment of time to smallest.

So, like, wake me when it's

2007 June 05 at 04:03:02

or something.

I'm just excited that 7:07:07 on 07/07/07 falls on a Saturday. Something tells me I'm going to forget to check my watch at 2am after Cinco de Mayo.


What's big Sunday is Jupiter trine Saturn. And with moon in Capricorn, obviously: Earthquake.

The answer to, Where?, like the When? of the 5/6/7/02:34 thingie, depends on what time zone you're in.

...depends on what time zone you're in.

a very good question

I just hope this is better than 01:02.03 04/05/06. I think I was at the dentist's then.

THIS ain't much of a link, (expires by 5/6/7/23:00 PDT), I'd guess ... but merely to follow up my earlier "forecast," and conveniently, a timestamp joined with it. Wha'd you come up with, Jack, for time 'said and certain'?

Deep Quake Shakes Central Colombia 1:55 AM ET -- BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- An earthquake deep below the Andean ridge shook central Colombia just before midnight on Saturday. [That pesky timezone consciousness thing, again. This probablistically is 'midnight, Bogota,' which I think equals EasternUSA Time Zone. Some readers may forget the West coast of South America is East of New York City. continuing ...] Buildings in Bogota rattled for several seconds but no damage or injuries were reported. ...

Today in History - May 6 -- Today is Sunday, May 6, the 126th day of 2007. There are 239 days left in the year. ...

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