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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bad scene in Spokane

Tasers, hogtying, a beating by police, and a dead suspect.

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Maybe some things were done wrongly by the Spokane Deputies, but one less ID stealing, bogus check writing, Meth head isn't a bad thing imo...

Yeah, there ought to be a death penalty for those offenses, and it ought to be administered by the cops at the time of arrest, with no legal process at all. Great idea.


Were the PPB up there doing some kind of "joint task force" or something?

Why are cops kicking this guy in the first place. It seems obvious that all three of these guys involved don't have the temperment to be cops. They are killers. There's no excuse for kicking a man who is tied down.

Moreover, it seems pretty obvious as well that there is an attenpted cover-up going on. Let's see, Spokane police investigate Spokane County sheriff's deoputies and vice versa. That's quite an "arrangement." Let's see if I can guess what their finding will be.
Hopefully the sheirff isn't a good frined of the family who onws the Spokesman-Review, or that paper will never dog too deep. The paper has a problem with that kind of thing.

This man was murdered.

Isn't kicking a standard practice for both police and firefighters? Seems to me there was a recent incident in PDX with a fireman which the DA decided was not going to be charged!

One thing I do not understand, Jack, is the level of cop-hating that goes one here. You're an attorney right? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

You seem to automatically assume fault on the part of the officers, and assume there was criminal intent. No need for an investigation; the cops came and someone died, therefore it's the cops fault.

Why are you,m and a substantial portion of the readers here willing to unconditionally accept the word of a bystander instead of a police officer?

She could have a NCIC history a mile long, or could have been partaking in the the suspect's crank binge for all that is in the article.

You're a smart guy Jack but you are blinded by your animosity. Next time you have a prowler at your house don't bother dialing 911, just wave your bar card at him - that ought to do it.

Well Jack, some of the commenter's are sloooow learners, to be sure. Cop brutality has been exposed time and again and still never a punishment to those that are dirty. The game of police, District attorney and Judges is so evil that even other cops cannot abide the injustices. Of course the attitude of the docile public allows this to go on. Who really ever investigates the police? Not the FBI nor newspapers; other self agendas are more important than what happens to the "Scum Element" of our society. It doesn't take much brain-power to figure if it happens to those it might come back to haunt us'ens


Sorry, Jack wins this argument.

As a society, we have agreed to give the police enormous power. (If you doubt this, try being pulled over at 11 pm on a deserted country road.) Almost all use this power honorably, but that doesn't let us citizens off the hook to discharge our duty to see that power is not abused.

re: HMLA267 "One thing I do not understand, Jack, is the level of cop-hating that goes one here...... What happened to innocent until proven guilty?"

The issue is that these things never reach the point of be decided in a court of law since they don't get prosecuted!

I do not hate cops. I know that they have a difficult and dangerous job. But there has tobe a point at which there is more accountability than we have seen in the past.

HeManLoserA-hole is LIARS Larson's ashamed-of-his-own name this week. So, LIARS, what's your problem you are so slobbering lusty for seeing and talking about and wallowing in spurting blood and sadism murder? You sure jumped erectly on this item, quick as you got your blog-prowler troll self to Paul Allen's station's computer. You make it look like your lump in the bed doesn't keep the old juices foaming, as if.

It's also looking like a good idea the Salem legislature cuts off the budget for the State Police. U.S. legislature could undo the same thing for the F'ingBI. City council could pull the plug on the anger management problem cases seeking self-worth in a piece of cloth, wearing a city uniform, here locally.

Yeah, so it puts ALL the cops outta work. Just roll over and give up to the tax-paying community, the psycho-sicko few who give all cops a bad rep -- and the good cops know who the murderous psychos are -- and then we'll scrounge around for some budget bucks and the decent hard-workers can have their jobs back.

So, they knew he was having a seizure, and naturally wished he would stop -- "Please lie still! Please lie still!"

So they kicked him and tasered him... to stop his seizure?

Some kind of new first aid technique?

Another Tweaker is the cited eyewitness. And he is the decedent's roommate? No credibility gap there. Clearly, the PIGs are lying.

I've got an idea. Rather than let the cops be judge, jury, and hangman....Why not let the ACLU serve all the bench warrants, and the defense bar will serve all the felony warrants. And if they need any backup (cause sometimes the alleged scumbags don't come quietly), they can call on b!X, Tenskey, and Amnesty International for assistance. Remember guys: the goal is to be as gentle as possible and make sure nobody gets hurt.

And if somebody does get hurt, it better be one of youze, and not the suspect. Cause suspects have rights.

You don't have to have the ACLU do anything. You just need well-trained cops who know how do the right thing. Just because their jobs sometimes put them in danger doesn't mean we don't have the right to demand that.


The men and women of law enforcement put their lives on the line every time they respond to a call. More often than not, the suspect surrenders quickly. When they don't, the officers QUICKLY escalate the use of force to reduce the possibility of getting hurt or dead. You or I wouldn't want to die on the job, and neither do the cops.

If you're going to grant the tweakers, car thiefs, and vagrants the benefit of the doubt, fine. Please extend the same courtesy to the cops.

How do you justify putting the tazer on anyone having a seizure??

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