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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another transplant on Pill Hill

I understand they were doing some parts replacement on the OHSU Health Club aerial tram [rim shot] late this afternoon. Bruce Anderholt caught the action in photos, here.

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I went up last Friday during my lunch hour and took a ride. Its kinda cool, but I dont think its worth all the grandstanding they make about it. And on the way up, it looked like all but one person were tourists. On they way down, there were a few doctors too, but mostly still tourists.
And funny, most of them I could hear mumbling about how close we were to houses!
And I have to tell ya...the whole shinola they gave about not being able to see into people's homes...lies, plain and simple. If they had their drapes open, I could see right in there. And one could get details with a small pair of binoculars or a good camera.

The neighbors were screwed like the ex-mayor's babysitter. It was known from the outset that they would be. Katz, Sten and Saltzman all knowingly went along. As did the rest of Mark Wiener's "progressive" Portland. Neither of our retired public safety officer godfathers blew the whistle when they had the chance, either. What a sick joke. They still think people are going to forget. Not a chance.

Well, that one dude with the sign wimped out, but what happened to the other people directly under the path of this monstrosity who had promised nude Bar-b-Ques ?

It is getting warm out here and there...summertime is right around the corner. What a spectacle that will be, if they have the cojones to really do it.

I'm not that interested in the cojones.

LOF every 3,000 miles or 3 months.

Which brings up the question: when will we get actual 1Q07 auditable ridership numbers?

Operating costs have already doubled. The public will never get "real" ridership figures - we'll get the kind of phony inflated numbers Tri-Met puts out. The public will also never find out how much the annual operating costs really are - much will be hidden and the "income" from riders will be dramatically inflated. They simply can't tell you the truth.

The public will never get the truth about most of SoWa and other PDC Urban Renewal activities.
They're shady. I mean "independent".

What this appears to be is they re-did the slack carriers on the southern lines again. They had dropped the number a few weeks ago, and they appear to have brought some back.

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