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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And another thing...

To add to this week's existential inquiry relating to blogging, suddenly the posting of comments on this blog is running at a snail's pace. We are aware of the problem, and hoping for a technical solution, but in the meantime, it sure does seem as though someone is trying to tell us something. There are many things I would miss about blogging, but the technical side of running the site would not be one of them.

UPDATE, 4:07 p.m.: My main man Jake once again has quickly diagnosed and fixed my tech problems. (See comments.) That's what you call a mensch, folks.

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Check your e-mail, Jack ;-)

And BTW: That last comment posted nice and quick, so I think I fixed the issue.

Happy to help!

-The (un)Official bojack.org Geek

I think the way to Jack's heart on the existential issue is through guilt.

All 50's Catholics are susceptible.

Lay it on.

Before you go there, let's all thank Jake for fixing my blog tech problems once again. The guy's given me many, many hundreds of dollars' worth of help on the tech side -- all for the good feeling he gets helping people.

That's cool.

Thank you Jake. Anything to help Jack keep this blog going is a step to government integrity, a very endangered species.

I attempted to email you with my support and encouragement, but was met with a "nondeliverable." What's that about?

Hi, Molly. I have been having some e-mail weirdness lately, but I can't explain that one. You aren't the one who's been e-mailing me penis enlargement and mortgage refinancing offers, are you?


OMG! I'm blushing in cyberspace.

Sorry, I was too graphic. I should have said something like "manhood enhancement" (although that's pretty bad, too).

Or maybe you've been writing me to tell me about the lottery I won, or the money you need me to pick up for you by wire from Nigeria...

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