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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A man after my own heart

While I ponder my future in the Portland blogosphere, here's an up-and-comer who's got it exactly right. Read and enjoy. (Via More Hockey Less War.)

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Hey! Where were you when I promo-ed him on MB on Sunday and on my own blog three weeks ago? Huh?

(Yep, I'm a friend of the author and have been nudging him for months to get a blog up and running...glad to see he's getting his moment in the sun!)

Question; if you the old guard and I'm the NKOTB, does that make me the new Justin Timberlake, or the new Sanjaya?

Ah, Grasshopper...

Of course I'm going to go for the Sidney Crosby/Mario Lemieux comparison (but that's just my hockey bias showing).

But maybe I'm giving Jack to much credit there...

(Go Sens.)

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