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Monday, April 30, 2007

Warm and fuzzy

Here's something to be proud about -- the City of Portland ranks third in the nation in the national Humane Society's "humane index." (Via the PDC.)

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It is good to be kind to animals, but where do we rate with the care, feeding and education of our kids? Certainly the schools are not exactly a shining example, nor health care, nor social services in general...
PS: I am owned by a dog too.

We've got a long way to go in so many areas. But I'm glad we're relatively good in this one.

Hey, being cynical and being humane are not mutually exclusive, y'know. I got yer 3 indoor cats - one from the Humane Society, one from Indigo Rescue and one that walked in the back door. I got pet cred. Nobody's more humane than I am - nobody!

It's the PDC thing - everybody knows gagging's a reflex.

I didn't mean nothin' by it - honest.


I dunno about this. We are supposed to be a "national leader" in land use planning, to you know.

Portland does have many animal lovers and pet owners and this puts pressure on humane organizations to actually be humane. But there is much unnecessary killing and resistance to humane reform.

And I wonder about what standards HSUS is using and whether they have accurate information. I know, for example, that someone from Oregon told HSUS that pound seizure (selling pound animals for research and education purposes) was illegal here. It isn't. When I emailed a manager and asked her what law was supposed to prohibited it, she gave me ORS 609.090(6):

if no keeper appears to redeem a dog within the allotted time, the dog may be killed in a humane manner. The dog control board or county governing body may release the dog to a resonsible person upon receiving assurance that the person wil properly care for th dog, and upon payment of a sum established by the county governing body polus cost of keeping during its impounding, and purchase of a license if required (sic).

I don't think one even has to be a lawyer to see that this does not prohibit pound seizure. No such thing as a responsible researcher? And what about cats.

In my opinion its the people that make Portland humane to the extent that it is and the leadership can often be found working against them, just like everywhere else in this town. In my opinion, we are a leader in humane deception. To see the freshest and most literate animal policy analysis out there, check out Nathan Winograd and his critiques of HSUS at No-kill Advocacy Center.org. The guy is a Stanford law grad, former prosecutor and son of a cat lady who is a clear thinker, writer and leader.

That's Nathan who is the clear thinking leader; I don't know about his mother.
Sorry for the other typos too.

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