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Friday, April 20, 2007

United Heads for Hemp

Just got notice that there's a new petition going around for an initiative in the City of Portland this November. Just reading the title has me craving Doritos.

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'Bout time, if you ask me. I would much rather have some weed growing next door than meth in the making. To be honest, I've experienced living next door to them both, and I'll take the farmer over the chemist anytime!

They should have filed the application today rather than on the 10th - then it would have had an official "420" on it.

You've got to love Southeast Portland.
When they are not busy fire bombing Starbucks or plotting a utility takeover they come up with this "logical" argument to decriminalize pot.
A move that will improve the quality of life in Portland...well maybe it will seem that way...if you are using it.

I think they're in the majority in Portland. It sure looks that way from the outcomes of most elections.

Good, I hope this passes. I really don't like the stuff myself, but these people are taking up beds in our correctional facilities that I believe would be better used for crimes with an actual victim.

Exactly. I have lots of issues with our absurd local government, but if they can get this one right, then good for them. As broke as Multnomah county always says it is, at least we could point our fingers at this and say, well, at least you aren't wasting our money on prosecuting the potheads.

There should be a definite standard for pot DUIs, though. I have to drive around for a living on Party Night, and someone under the influence of weed has no business whatsoever behind the wheel. Thing is, the stuff sticks in a person's system for so incredibly long, how would a field drug tox screen determine if they had smoked the night before, or 30 minutes ago ?

I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone doing jail time or even prosecuted for possession of 1 oz of pot. So the whole wasted resources argument is a paper tiger.
But what it would do is bring us closer to that "Utopia" of tolerance, Amsterdam.
Next step: Green Cafe's
Non fat latte and a "J"

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