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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Survivor Portland: Day 3

Day 2 of the balloting in Survivor: Portland City Hall went just the way Day 1 indicated that it would. Erik Sten is gone. Opie, you've been in City Hall way too long. Your ambition is delusional. It's time you take your Stanford English major and get a real job making lattes with your devoted creative-class groupies. Your crazy ideas are almost as bad as the way you bungle their execution. You've blown too many tens of millions of our hard-earned tax dollars. The tribe has spoken. You are to leave the island immediately.

Well, I hate to make a kid cry, but that's that. We knew he didn't have true survivor potential.

So now it's Day 3, and the remaining three Portland city commissioners await the verdict of you, the tribe. We'll vote another commish off today and another tomorrow, until only one is left. Unlike the TV show, where tribal members have intramural contests to secure immunity from being voted off the island, on this show the grand prize is immunity -- from federal prosecution for participating in the city's many condo tower scams.

It's a real horse race now, as the three remaining council members have come in extremely close to each other in the previous days' tribal councils. Every vote counts at this point, people, and so do let us know whom you want to discard to get us down to the final two. Please don't forget to use the comments space below to explain your vote. You may vote only once a day:

Opie has left the island, along with Sam the Tram. Which Portland city commissioner should go away next?
Randy Leonard
Tom Potter
Dan Saltzman
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UPDATE, 3:03 p.m.: This one's a barn-burner! We'll keep the voting open until at least midnight. Unlike TurboTax, we won't fail you if you wait 'til the last minute.

Comments (7)

Sten is the least competent elected official in Oregon, now that Diane Linn has left office. Everything he touches becomes a costly failure. Glad he's gone.

Erik's exit has left a gap in the council.

I have a Vision for Portland.......

....and Grampy isn't part of my Vision.

And my Vision didn't cost a million bucks.

Potter, a leader...70% of Portlanders think so...Amazing! Pothole Potter drives the city to blow a tire or break an axle. Meanwhile, in the back of the limo, amid smoke, drinks, and lots of money, the real decision makers laugh all the way to the bank.

Why vote Randy off the council? Sometimes he's on the right side. But he was a key player (leader?) in the Police & Fire Pension and Disability fund robbery of the tax payers. How can we trust him? And too often he's off base on issues. Have you been to his office? I sure didn't feel like I belonged there any time I've visited.

Potter has to go- puhleeeeeeeese

Jack, what do you mean that Erik the Red has "blown tens of millions of dollars"-he's blown over hundreds of millions of dollars since he left college to help run our city-his only job.

The remaining three, that's a hard decision. It is nice to have a mouth piece like Leonard, but lately all of his pet projects have been way beyond the scope of city concerns. Potter's Visioning has left him no time to understand all the issues before our city. I vividly remember the meeting at Caro Amicos restaurant with Potter and staff to review the concerns of Homestead, CTLH, SWNI neighborhoods about SoWhat. We thank him for concurring, but he certainly can't Vision as we looked out the windows looking east from the restaurant overlooking SoWhat. The windows provided ample opportunity to vision the concerns, but Potter apparently can't Vision except for the dollar signs. Big Pipe, he's smart, he flys under the radar most of the time, but his list grows too.

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