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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Survivor Portland: Day 2

The tribe has spoken. Sam the Tram Adams was voted off the island yesterday in the first day of balloting in Survivor: Portland City Hall. Water carrier for seemingly every noxious developer in the region, out of touch with the needs of real people, shameless b.s.-er, relentless photo-op monger, Sam is a true disciple of his mentor, Vera Katz. He is to leave the island immediately.

Which brings us to Day 2, and the remaining cast of four Portland city commissioners awaits the verdict of you, the tribe. We'll vote another commish off each day, until only one is left. Remember, the ultimate survivor will receive the grand prize of immunity from federal prosecution when the FBI mole finally turns over the rocks that we all know are lying around City Hall somewhere.

Several readers have complained that they would like to vote for more than one contestant, as they can't make up their minds whom they would like to see depart more quickly. Nobody said it was going to be easy, people -- suck it up. You may vote only once a day.

And don't forget that we'd like you to state in the comments section below just why you're voting a particular council member off. You know they'll be reading the comments, so give them the reason for your choice.

Anyway, here we go:

Sam the Tram has been voted off the island. Which Portland city commissioner should go away next?
Randy Leonard
Tom Potter
Dan Saltzman
Erik Sten
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Comments (26)

Fireman Randy, you started out as a champion of the commoner, and of common sense. But now you've gone off the deep end. You have just as many harebrained ideas as Opie, and the whole Joe Hill thing with the unions is getting a little tiresome. You need to go somewhere on a retreat with the OSPIRG kids, and stay there. So long, buddy.

As to the reasons for icking Opie, vague memories of Cromwell or Chamberlain come to mind -- for God's sake man you have been here too long and in that too long a time accomplished nothing--- go, just go.

And take away with you the welfare for politicians program called voter owned elections.

I think you have hit the nail on the head we need a new council not a new charter. You see all the worthless fluff being offered up for public consumption from our public servants as Identity Statements and Lynchpins to progress, all while neglecting the simple things like roads, parks, and schools. My vote is for Old Money Saltzman, who if he was really as dumb as he plays, should have never graduated from MIT.

I take comfort in the fact that Randy will get $50K a year for life and a lot of nice benefits wven without his job. It was close between Erika nd him, though. I am hedging that Erik's sheer incompetence will cause less damage than Randy's "solutions" for things like global warming and the war in Iran. We need a new regime.

Speaking of Sam...anyone else hear him on Lars Larson last Thursday? He said that the reason they dont fix older roads is because there is no return in it for the city! And the main reason behind the couplet is it will raise property values and create more tax revenue for the city.
What a joker.

Randy reminds me, unfortunatly, of Chuck Schummer.

If I had it my way, I'd like to see global warming accelerate....sea levels rise, such that the whole island would be inundated....get rid of the whole slimy bunch with one swell foop!

Old man Potter should be escorted off the island. How can the tribe survive when the chief doesn't know what smoke-signals to send. This strong mayor charter vote is a smoke screen for "zero" accomplishments like fixing the potholes on time.

Remember to file your taxes today-
More money for the Council to spend tomorrow and blame on someone else.

We had the TeaPot Scandal, now we have the Pothole Scandal. Both are equally bad and will be the downfall of all five. Right now in the Survivor game, it is between Skinner and Opie who is equally bad. My list of failures for each extends out to be equal. Accomplishments-so few.

I voted for Dan Saltzman. My wish for Dan is for him to spend the rest of his retirement lounging on an air mattress in any one of the beautiful "open air" reservoirs on portland's Mount Tabor.

Just go away Grumpy......er I mean Grampy.

I voted to dump Mayor Pothole. Not only is he collecting a bundle and accomplishing nothing; but his "visioning" nonsense has just wasted one million dollars or more.

Randy Leonard must go for giving the Council a false appearance of sanity and hope. Talk toughing Leonard turns girly man way too easy everytime he has the opportunity to walk his talk.

Potter is next, because has has absolutely no skills to do his job or any job like it. He's a role player or extra trying to play a lead character.
And he neither takes or gives direction well.

PS. I can't help but think the remaining boys were high 5-ing Adams being the first to go. I'll take a wild guess that
they don't like Sam one bit.


You should hold a rose ceremony each time something is voted off the island.

Randy is next to go. His "who-ME?-I'm not responsible" attitude regarding all the SoWhat issues is not true. He was informed for the initial SoWhat Agreement vote, the Tram, all the Amendments, especially Amendment 8 to the Agreement. He told neighorhood associatons that he understood/agreed with their positions, as well as the Planning Commission, but onward he went with a little rhetoric. Time to go, we need more than rhetoric.

Saltzman: because of his role in Mt. Tabor reservoir fiasco and the attempt to sell of part of Mt. Tabor Park. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.


Please take time to think before you ost. Taxe returns filed and taxes paid today to the feds don't provide any funds directly to the CoP to spend. A very, very, very little in fed grants may eventually come back to the CoP council to spend, but its de minimus.

Same goes for taxes paid to State of Oregon. PPS get a bunch of bbucks -- to piss away on "headhunter" firms who turn up gems like Dudley at Jefferson -- but PPS is not Cop.

If you want to talk about CoP taxes, look at the November tax bills.

Erik must go simply because he's still there. Anyone who needs to ask why isn't paying attention.

But today, the earnest phony, (or is it phonily earnest) Leonard, gets my vote. His worn "man of the peephole" BS is discredited once a week but may still fool the inattentive.

"Dangerous" is too flattering but near the mark.

Mayor Pothole.

Please, it's Mayor McPothole.

who will replace them, i wonder?

unfortunately, the island may not be fit for habitation by Survivor II.

The scary part is they are the replacements for the last batch.
Pretenders and bunglers all.
Pompous, arrogant and condescending as well.
The funny part is they think people like me who write this stuff are the jerks.

The funny part is they think people like me who write this stuff are the jerks.

My guess is that they don't think about people like you or me at all.

To Nonny Mouse: Just a short reminder that some of us who own businesses in Portland pay the City Business Tax by this date. It must add up - they haven't decided to dump it yet.

Looks like Kommissioner Erik Sten is the weakest link. Buh bye.

Dave A. --

The City Business Income Tax is a relatively minor part of CoP.s evenue picture.

A part, yes. But a minor part.

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