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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Survivor Portland City Hall: The final jury

It was close in the afternoon, but by the end of the night of Day 3 on Survivor: Portland City Hall, the tribe had spoken loud and clear. Randy Leonard has been voted off the island. Fireman Randy, as I said when I tried to vote you off on Day 2 --

you started out as a champion of the commoner, and of common sense. But now you've gone off the deep end. You have just as many harebrained ideas as Opie, and the whole Joe Hill thing with the unions is getting a little tiresome. You need to go somewhere on a retreat with the OSPIRG kids, and stay there. So long, buddy.
You are not sustainable. Pack your things -- including your planner-speak tapes -- and leave the island immediately.

Well, let's see who's left: Grampy and Big Pipe. Just shows that you don't make too many enemies if you don't get much done. It's time to pick one as the ultimate survivor -- winner of the big prize, federal immunity from prosecution if the condo scams get too hot.

Now being that this is the final round, and we're deviating a bit from the format of the television show of the same name, let's be sure we're clear on the rules for the final vote. As we did the last three days, we're asking to you to mark the name of the commissioner whom you would like to see off the island. The one you don't vote against today is the one whom you think should be the ultimate survivor.

Good luck to the two remaining contestants, and here goes:

Sam, Erik, Randy -- all a distant memory. Only two Portland commissioners remain. Which one of them do you want to see voted OFF the island?
Tom Potter
Dan Saltzman
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As always, feel free to come back to this page and leave a comment for the commissioner that you're voting to send away. We'll give everyone a chance to address the ultimate survivor tomorrow.

Comments (22)

Big Pipe, your West Hills trust funds are fat enough to keep you set for life. Please find yourself a nice new part-time job somewhere -- selling real estate seems to be your thing -- and knock off the reverse Robin Hood act you've been running for your adoring fans at the Arlington Club. Or how about you retire and write a memoir, "Profile in Courage"? Adios, amigo.

When Tom Potter ran for office, he mislead the public by pledging to improve the Police Bureau and return his mystical "community policing" policy to Portland. Well, after nearly three years, the public has seen very little results of the promised changes in the bureau which he has oversight.

Oh wait, Potter did call for more training of officers, but this was offered to stem criticism of him and the police after a poor mentally disabled man died in police custody.

Now, Potter is try to mislead the public again by twisting facts and making false statements to make his charter change case using his old man, folksy act.

Potter, why won't you answer Commissioner Leonard's simple question: Name ONE city in America that operates under your proposed form of government?

By the way, Havana and Tehran are not in the U.S.

Jack - Are you going to present a prize to the survivor? You seem to be pretty handy with Photoshop - how about making up a nice certificate or plaque with a collage of city hall's pet projects as the background. There's a ton of beautiful architectural art available on the PDC website. After all, you paid for it, so why not put it to good use?

It’s unfortunate that the least irritating personality will be the only survivor. (Of course, if we had quality in the crew on the island we wouldn’t be having a contest.)

perhaps it is poetic that Grampy be left all alone since he wants to run the whole show anyhow.....but I really really want him G-O-N-E!

You could make the grand prize for the last man standing a sweet golden parachute package, ridding yourselves of those pesky bureaucrats entirely. Replace them all with an electronic political decision maker. Call it the MUNICIBOT 5000 or something. The management style may be colder and impersonal, but more logical and far less prone to influence peddling. Then there's the coolness factor. Need I say more?

My Vision yesterday was clouded. Grampy made it through another round.

But there is no hail no rain, no storms today

I see Grampy departing

Overdue, and he's had less tahn one term.

Mr. Saltzman is smart and I believe means well. However there seems to be something missing. He is a very poor steward of the public's money. Maybe he and Nina Bell should run off together, far away. The City would look better immediately.

Potter is smart, means well and I'm voting for the change in City Hall structure in May. Odds are good that it will be an improvement over the present bunch of politicians running things.

You know over at BlueOregon the good (and smart) Democrats are doing what they can to make sure they all survive.
And it seems they don't take too kindly to your opinions or methods.

This is looking like a race to see who has pissed off the fewest. Saltzman, the placeholder has always kept his head down, sitting quietly, drawing little public attention to whatever he's up to. Looks like a winning strategy. ...a ringing endorsement, eh?

As soon as the island is vacant, Amanda and I will take up residence and begin the job of re-populating city hall

"Amanda and I will take up residence and begin the job of re-populating city hall"

Sounds a bit racy, Dave. But good luck with it.


There's only one correct response to your plan...


-bill the cat

Now there's a "Candidates Gone Wild" event I do not want to see.

Portland has five mayors. How many mayors does a city need?

"Potholes forever...Potholes forever."

As sung to the music of the Beattles' "Strawberry fields forever"

Too many Potholes for Potter to stay.

But it is depressing to think the same song keeps playing over and over with no end in sight.

Saltzman is least objectional, well, I know many want him in the water, even so Pothole is my vote to go.

Was I the only winner of two FREE ipod nanos?

I'm so money.

Please use them responsibly.

Is it the format or the readership that leads to such an uninspiring (likely) result?

What's uninspiring? I'm heartened to see that at least the readers here are smart enough to see that Adams is just Vera Katz all over -- maybe worse -- and that Sten and Leonard are now interchangeably bad. I would ditch Saltzman before Mayor McPothole, but hey, the tribe is speaking.

Portland has five mayors. How many mayors does a city need?

Five new ones.

It surprises me that so low a percentage picked Grampy. I figured he'd get 75% of the "leave now" votes .

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