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Monday, April 16, 2007

Survivor: Portland City Hall

It's time to play Survivor with the Portland city commissioners, don't ya think? Cast your vote for the first to be forced to leave the island. The commish with the most votes against him will be gone tomorrow. Then we'll do it again for three more days until there's only one survivor left. The last remaining commissioner will receive the grand prize, federal immunity from prosecution for condo scams, which will be awarded in a special ceremony by Alberto Gonzales.

Here goes. You may vote only once a day:

Which Portland city commissioner should be the first to leave the island?
Sam Adams
Randy Leonard
Tom Potter
Dan Saltzman
Erik Sten
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UPDATE, 1:32 p.m.: Dont forget, you're free to leave a message for the one you voted off, down in the comments.

Comments (12)

Randy Leonard! Feeding at the PERS trough, former union prez.............it's like putting the head crazy in charge of the asylum!

If you want Randy gone for feeding at the PERS trough, you really need to think more. Randy feeds at the Portland Police and Fire Pension trough, where the food is far richer than PERS.

Randy might get an after dinner mint from PERS for his legislative career, but the real bucks come from the Police and Fire Pension.

Now think about Grampy. Potter feeds at the Police Pension trough for a lot more bucks than Randy and as mayor makes a lot more than Randy does as a councillor.

IIRC, Potter pulls in just about $ 200 K from the CoP in mayoral salary and police pension.

Nice work if you can get it.

It's tough to be limited to just one a day.

Ah, but there are four days!

This is a real quandry because the strategy of survivor is to vote off the effective and capable first so they are not a threat at the end.
I'm at a loss here.

I voted with pride and apprently I've won a free Ipod. Thanks, Jack!

Enjoy it. Just don't wear it while driving.

Sam - Take the next boat back to Vera Island after we extinguish your torch.

Dee-fense! Dee-fense! The Adams groupies are stuffing the ballot box as the evening wanes. Reminiscent of the WW best blog poll. Have fun, kids! The balloting closes for this one sometime after midnight.

Adams for claiming he is for "balanced" transportation when he deliberately makes traffic worse.

Adams in a landslide.

Far to slick, far too much in love with himself, and no concept of what 95% of the folks living n Portland care about and need.

An $ 80 million couplet and more PDC urban renweal tax breaks stealing funding from schools is not a pro people policy.

Can I do Opie tomorrow?

And then Grampy?

Why's Saltzman getting such a pass? Far as I can tell he's colluding to line Francesconi's pockets by selling off chunks of a public park. The year after the Metro parks initiative passed by 64% in Multnomah County, and only a few years after he wasted millions by cutting public input out of a plan to cover that same park's reservoirs.

Who's this guy working for? It sure ain't us.

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