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Monday, April 16, 2007

More environmental problems with the Prius

You can't get it through DEQ.

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What happens in Oregon, anyone?

Nothing like that. They use the OBDII connection for analysis.

Also in Oregon, they don't charge you for a failed test. Yet.

A car "fails" an emissions test for refusing to burn gas while stationary, sounds like a huge problem to me!

Hey, man. It's Georgia.

No good deed goes unpunished department: In Oregon the DMV doubled the Prius registration fee because the cars did not use enough gas....

When did they double the fee in Oregon? I know they used to have a $2000 surcharge for hybrids, but they dropped it.

My wife and I have been looking at new cars. We were thinking about getting a hybrid Camry. Nice of our state to punish us for it.
I bet that new revenue stream of GPS tracking for cars gets forced on us pretty soon.

In Oregon the DMV doubled the Prius registration fee because the cars did not use enough gas....

Not according to their website:


Scroll down to "passenger vehicles". The fee is the same.

It was higher for a while; now it's not. But the wacko proposal for a GPS-based mileage tax would bring the concept back in a slightly different form -- the less fuel used, the higher the tax relative to fuel use, and let out-of-state users of our roads off the hook altogether.

The thing that worries me is you know "congestion" fees wont be long off. They will know where your car is 24/7, and will charge you accordingly. On I-5 during rush hour? Extra fees. In downtown in the middle of the day? Extra fees. And what about cars with no computers? There are still a lot of older cars driving around.
How will they track those? And the best question...who's gonna pay for it?

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