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Monday, April 16, 2007

Meet Preet

Here's an interesting piece about a guy who's been instrumental in the ongoing toppling of Alberto Gonzales.

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If that link doesn't work for you, another article is here.

BTW do we know when our own AUSA Immergut is on the "loyal Bushie" scale?

The information was there in those documents released by the DoJ, but unfortunately they redacted the individual ratings.

Given her participation in Starr investigation I'm guessing 9 or at least 8. Still knowing for sure would be real nice, so dear Oregonian people could you please use your considerable skills to find out? Inquiring minds want to know.

when -> where, and congratulations to the Oregonian for their Pulitzer.

Well, from the linked article trying to give justification to political hatchet job the Democrats are giving poor old Gonzales (not to mention the U.S.of A., Republicans, military, common sense, mom and apple pie) the political season is in full swing but what else is new? The sad part is the distruction of civility that has befallen this country at the hands of hacks from the extreme wings of both political parties.

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