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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Justice, Bush-style

If you're an inmate at our prison camp in Cuba, you have no right to a lawyer. If we do let you get one, we get to read the mail that the lawyer sends you. We'll limit the amount of times that he or she can come and meet with you. And the lawyer won't get to see the secret evidence we have against you, which is what gave us the right to keep you there in the first place.

Really, the best thing would be if no one ever got to see what's going on at our prison camp in Cuba, at all. The whole thing should be a complete secret. It's a shame that anyone even knows it exists. Damn terists. Damn lawyers. Damn New York Times.

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How many other prisoners of war in our nation's history were entitled to legal representation? You're comparing terrorist detainees to standard criminals which is apples to oranges.

I think he is comparing Bush to "standard criminals" :)

If they were prisoners of war, then they'd be subject to the laws that govern prisoners of war. Like, say, the "quaint" Geneva convention.

Anyhow, speaking of apples and oranges, enemy combatants are not prisoners of war.

Butch, I have news for you. The war is lost, and the Bushes' political careers are over. They are dumb, mean, clowns, and after 10 years of dealing with them, America has finally figured it out. You guys had your chance, and you've screwed this country and the world up badly. Now might be a good time to hunker down in your hidey-hole with your gun, your Rush Limbaugh Show, and your beef jerky.

At risk of being 'beyond topic,' Jack, (not about Gitmo torture-murder injustice, when it is truly said what that is), but in your comment I infer a sense that 'you guys' operating since Newt ('94), or since Rash Lamebrain ('88), or even since Ronnie Ray Gun ('80), knocked "this country" off track, and, if we reverse the calendar back to that time it all went fascist, having "finally figured it out," then justly operating forward from there the swell American dream can be re-enlivened, restored.

And, I'm just saying, where this country went on an off track that ended up at the Gitmo destination, (or Geneva Convention violation, or war criminals in The Fright House, or whatever deteriorated condition you'd care to cite), was way before 2000, 1994, 1988, and even before 1980.

Take that last one, 1980, a fine example. Reagan was a lifelong Democrat, worked on the 1944 California (US) Senatorial campaign for the Democratic candidate. Married to Jane Wyman. In 1948, the FBI pays him a visit, a little confidential 'offer he can't refuse.' Presto, Wyman's out, Nancy Dragonlady's in, Reagan's a Republican, works on the 1950 Cali (US) Senatorial campaign for the Republican against his '44 Democratic candidate. (I believe I've got those years right.)

That was where this country got screwed and who screwed it. Post-WWII, and we didn't shut down the military ... 2, 3, ... industrial complex. Hey, we WON that war. Job over. Stop making bombs and bullets. Soldiers go back to civilian occupations. Resume FDRing, which had left off with Social Security, and FCC regulations, (speaking of fascist-inflamation broadcasting), and a general trend in social good and betterment progress.

But, noooo-o-o. 1946, changed Department of War into Dept. of Defense in order to make MORE military. 1947, started CIA, (btw, G.H.W.Bush, out of a job as a bomber pilot, with 1-yr-old baby, joined the first CIA recruitment -- appropos of your comment "Bushes' political careers are over," we have to revert to before 1947 when his began). You got a problem with bullets and bombmaking? You're a commie, 1950, started McCarthy, essentially an alcoholic Hitler. And on and on from there, off track, chug chug choo-choo secret 'democracy' national secrets national security razz-ma-tazz GITMO.

Here is a view of it. Deaths In Other Nations Since WW II Due To Us Interventions, By James A. Lucas, 24 April, 2007, Countercurrents.org

Here is another view of it, published in 1975 when it was already waaayyy off-track, by an author who witnessed the switch-point in 1946, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty.

butch may be not the only one who needs to expand his media sources of information, and re-gauge his political thinking, to best contribute debate and resolution toward righteous and just (self-)governance in, as you say, Jack, "this country and the world." Self-governance in the world is what the United Nations (1945?) is, and every fiber of Bushes and every intention of the CIA/Pentagon endeavors to disunite world into 'nationalisms' ... 2, 3, ... divide and conquer.

Hey! How did you know I like beef jerky?

Good thing the ankle-biters didn't pronounce the war "lost" after than D-Day disaster....

Just what is an ankle-biter and who were they in WWII?

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