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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Interesting to the very end

OK., it was supposed to be a crummy final game of a so-so season, but tonight's Blazer finale against the Golden State Warriors actually means something. If the Warriors win, they make the league playoffs; if they don't, then it depends what happens to the L.A. Clippers. A Warrior loss and a Clipper win (at home tonight against New Orleans, a lottery team) would put the Clippers in the playoffs instead of the Warriors.

The Blazer roster is so depleted that they may have to ask Dwight Jaynes to suit up. (Hey, he's been running; he could probably guard Adonal Foyle.) But the Blazers are a scrappy lot, and they won't be going down easy. Warrior coach Don Nelson, who's been hitting the scotch lately, claims he has a bad feeling about tonight. Let's hope he' s right.

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Dwight Jaynes has been running and he could guard one of the Warriors players? Okay, but the Dwight I know is a one-man zone defense, if you know what I mean. The only guard he's been near is the sneeze guard on a buffet line.

I'd like to see the Blazers win this game because it would keep them out of the Division cellar. Just building a little on next year.

The only guard he's been near is the sneeze guard on a buffet line.

El snap-a-roo!

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