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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ignition contrition

An echo of a conversation we had on this blog a while back, this Times cartoon struck my funnybone yesterday.

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Smell bad Randy, on his knees? Damn, I forgot, he just bought one of the expensive green diesels to teach us a lesson on the merits of being rich instad of poor...

Just waiting for all those "many happy commenters, mired in ignorance, trashing a concept they know nothing about..."

Jack, if you give out prizes for best single sentences or phrases, I nominate this one. It is useable in all kinds of different debates.


Check out Land Rover's ads in the O's Saturday "Drive Time" section sometime. Every new SUV comes with a 50,000 mile carbon emission offset. So it is now not only stylish, but also "green" ("sustainable?") to buy an $80,000 SUV? LOL!

i read that one.

despite stunning amounts of evidence, we're in denial about the continuing failure of the "market mechanism" to solve serious problems.

but hey--ever try to take a favorite toy away from a child?

of course, down here in the mire of ignorance, it's hard to see clearly.

Ecohuman - while I agree that 'market mechanisms' may not be solving the problem, one of the first questions is - are we looking at/realizing what the problem really is?

I acknowledge that global warming is occurring but I heartily disagree that it is man-made or that we can do anything about it.

My guess would be that you would like the government (possibly a one-world government?) to dictate and enforce certain 'pollution' rules for mankind. Don't know, but I get a sense that that would work for you.

what i would like is for people to do the right thing where the planet's ecology is concerned.

global warming is just one symptom of a complex problem. quibbling over whether or not this one particular symptom is "real" or what causes it is, in my opinion, completely missing the point.

but, it makes for a spiffy, simplistic talking point.

meanwhile, while people complain about potential limits to their "freedom" or wag fingers and cluck about too much/too little government/left-right wingedness/etc., the planet is in deep, deep sh*t.

meaning, of course, we are in deep, deep sh*t.

If all the theories of the planet are correct, over billions of years this planet has been through quite a lot. And humans' egos are big enough to think we can change it, or harm it?

I think a Carlin quote works here..."the planet is going anywhere, folks. WE are. Pack your shi*t."

sorry, that should read "the planet isn't going anywhere"

It would be nice if those in denial about human contributions to global warming would be the only ones to drown in their own waste. Unfortunately, everybody gets to come along on the same journey. Carlin is pretty much right about the planet, and about us: the planet will survive and endure, with or without life.

"It would be nice if those in denial about human contributions to global warming would be the only ones to drown in their own waste."

That makes a lot of sense. By your submission, just as long as you believe global warming is human caused, you can pollute and consume all you want (ala Gore and Edwards?)

What an incredibly stupid pronouncement, Allan.

You be the judge...

eco - 4/30 ...but, it makes for a spiffy, simplistic talking point.

eco - 4/27 ...i'll let you have your reality if you let me have mine, except when it consists mainly of calling the opinions of other commenters stupid, unrealistic and judgemental.

Would "simplistic" be in your litany of proscribed words - or does that rule only apply to others' comments?

I knew it wouldn't take long.


i feel like i have my own (hateful) fan club.

when you start owning your own words--by using a real name (or web site or anything, really), i'll take you seriously.

you can contact me directly at my web site, eithe by commenting or e-mail. my name's James.

until then, you just appear to be a person who's mainly interested in ripping into others.

i feel like i have my own (hateful) fan club.

You flatter yourself. I merely pointed out some inconsistencies in your comment "policy". Further, the labeling of opinions, observations or arguments at odds with yours as "hateful" is simplistic (oops!), don't you think?

Whether you take me seriously or not makes absolutely difference to me. At least we don't have to wonder whether you take yourself seriously.


Didn't the news say the confessionals got auctioned by the bankruptcy courts?

"What an incredibly stupid pronouncement, Allan."

Maybe, but totally outdone in that category by your reinterpretation, Chris!

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