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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"I can do it while I eat a McRib!"

TurboTax, the giant tax return software company, ran a contest this year to see who could produce the best amateur rap video about its product. The rules were pretty strict -- for example, sampling of copyrighted material was prohibited -- but they got about 370 entries.

Lo and behold, the "first prize" winner (actually, he came in second to the "grand prize" winner) is right here in Portland. His name is Carl Tietz, and you can check out his TurboTax rap here. The grand prizer winner, by Christian Pulfer, a 28-year-old "real estate investor" from Brooklyn, New York, is here. (Via TaxProf Blog.)

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I thought that was great!! Very creative and I love when he used the mouse to make the scratch sounds. Too funny!

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