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Monday, April 23, 2007

His hat's in the ring

There's only one officially announced Democratic candidate running against Sen. Gordon Smith so far -- Steve Novick. And so we would be remiss if we didn't add him to our polls about Smith's re-election chances:

If Steve Novick gets the Democratic nomination to run against Gordon Smith in '08, who do you think will win?
Steve Novick
Gordon Smith
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We'll leave this one open until the end of the business day on Friday. Please vote only once.

Comments (6)

No name, no money, no chance Novick.

Which is sad because Smith really needs to go.

Why is novick short of the guts to come on the radio show and answer a few questions

No baggage, either, from what I hear.

Just an honorable guy who really wants to make a difference.

Guess I'm still not ready to surrender to the belief that it takes money and robocalls to win.

I pretty sure Mr. Novick is far too liberal to unseat Mr. Smith, and many of my left-leaning friends have agreed with me.

The thing is, like almost every other Republican holding a national office, Gordon Smith is so far out of touch with the Republican voters, platform, and ideals that I don't think most of us would rally behind him to try to help him hold his seat.

In the next couple years you're going to see either a renaissance of the Republican party, where we'll see a return to the Reagan-esque types with true Republican ideals (lower taxes for all, smaller government, less spending, etc.) voted into office, or you'll see the party base staying home on election day.

If the Dems ran a fiscally conservative candidate, one who supported the *entire* constitution (2a included), I think I'd probably vote for him or her over Mr. Smith.

I voted Novick would win...I have hopes and dreams of Smith having an early retirement. This is my trip to fantasy land.

Smith is vulnerable if W vetos the spending bill containing the O&C timber revenue rider for Counties which rely on those funds. Most of those counties are republican enclaves. W has promised a veto. Should be interesting.

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