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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here we go

The Seattle Supersonics basketball team appears to be a big step closer to leaving that town. They're owned by a group from Oklahoma City, which is about to lose the team, the New Orleans Hornets, for whom it has served as temporary host for the last two years. If the Sonics go to Oklahoma, and Seattle is without a pro hoops team, who or what will fill the void in the Emerald City?

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Who will fill the void in Seattle? Um...the Blazers? (I'm probably stating the obvious you were insinuating). Paul's got to like the prospect of merely hopping in the limo to go to the game rather than having to fire up the private jet. Heck, with the limo/jet offset, he could claim he's moving the team for purely environmentalist concerns. That's one way to mute the protests in PDX.

Of course Allen would have the same problem in Seattle that the Sonics do ... the "need" for a new building (and for someone else to pay for it).
As an aside, the site Field of Schemes references an article from The Oklahoman quoting Clay Bennett, the Sonics' owner who is from Oklahoma City, saying that the arena in Oklahoma City, Ford Center, "is fine for the immediate future, but the city eventually will need a new building."
I just love how these guys work. By the way, the Ford Center will be five (5) years old this June.

I just love how these guys work.

Reminds me of Homer and The Boys.

there will be a void?

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