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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Glaring omission

My recent survey of pro basketball playoff teams for Blazer alumni left out a big guy who made quite an impact when he was in Portland: Dale Davis, the power forward who played four full seasons here in 2000-2004. The Blazers were a playoff team themselves in three of those four years.

Nowadays Davis (38 years old and 15 years a pro hoopster on several teams) gets about 10 minutes a game on the floor for the Detroit Pistons, who at this moment are seeking to finish a four-game sweep of the vastly outgunned Orlando Magic. Thursday night, he played 15 minutes, scored 3 points, blocked a shot, and had 1 rebound and 1 assist. Now reunited with his former Portland teammate, Rasheed Wallace, Davis got himself tasered and arrested after allegedly getting rowdy in a Miami hotel last summer, but charges were dropped in December after a surveillance tape showed that the police officers in question had been overly aggressive.

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