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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Freelancer sets himself free

Egads. Bill McDonald of the blog Portland Freelancer says he's packing it in. He's disgusted with the blogosphere, and he's got more important things to do with his life.

If this is permanent, it's a serious blow to the reading public around here. Not just because I agree with what Bill says 99 percent of the time, but also because he makes me think -- and laugh, of course. As he put it yesterday morning:

There are laughs that ridicule, there are laughs that say "That was clever," but the most solid laughs are when the audience realizes something is the truth. The joke is funny but it's also right.
I'm going to miss that voice. Bill, I hope that you will reconsider after a while. But if you don't come back, may you fill the space that you're creating for yourself with nothing but the best. See you on Leno.

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I remember Bills' short stay at the Trib, and now he is taking another leave, this time from this blog. Either Bill has a problem with Time Management or else his comic career is so demanding. I hope it is the latter, I enjoy his humor and on the Internet is my only way to receive it.
Good luck Bill!

Sometimes writers block hits even the good ones. Let's hope he recovers.

Damn! This will make my day less enjoyable.

That's too bad, while he doesn't have the biting edge of Mr Bog, I thought he was the sharpest/wittiest tongue I have read on the local blogs.

Unfortunately, I think doing blogs and thinking about all the garbage going on in politics probably can't put you in too good a mood to write jokes.

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