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Monday, April 23, 2007

Days of Don't

Isn't it funny how our government so famously "works" now?

Sewer bureau: "Don't have your gutters connected to the sewers."

Water bureau: "Don't use so much water."

Transportation bureau: "Don't drive."

Sanitation bureau: "Don't throw stuff out."

I wish they would adopt this approach over at the Department of Revenue.

Granted, all these messages are earth-friendly, and I try not to do most of what they're discouraging. But listening to these lines constantly from the bureaucrats and politicians who are supposed to be making their living providing services -- well, it's enough to make a person very weary.

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There was a time whem bureaucats would proudly tell us what we could do.

It's all in the phrasing, and in glass half full-glass half empty philosophy. Your examples could be written as: "We used to make you connect your gutters, now you can keep the rain water on your property if you want to"; "You can let your grass go brown in the summer and take a break from mowing it, if you like"; "Do walk and bike safely"; "Do recycle and compost". And not only that, but all these things will save you money! Yay for saving money!

OK, OK, it's Monday morning and that's way too much enthusiasm for a Monday morning. But it's a beautiful day in Portland, Oregon, and we do some good things here.

You're perfect for this City Council.

Saturday was Earth Day and the celebration was in Woodlawn Park. It was a horrible, cold, rainy day. In spite of that many of the sturdy citizens of Portland showed up to celebrate Mother Earth and the grassroot efforts to strengthen sustainability.

It was wonderful to see people who are dedicated to earth friendliness in action. They Mayor showed up to canvas but I did not see any of the commissioners from the bureaus there. They've told us what to do so I guess they didn't need to show their support. Maybe they had something better to do.

As I quoted before from "Cool Hand Luke," "Boss I wish you wouldn't be so good to me." Sewer mandates come along without financing, and we are penalized, Water improvements come along without financing, and we are penalized. Like his predecessor, Sten, Smell Bad Randy stamps approved on the mandates, with a declaration of " It's not my Fault".

You're perfect for this City Council.

Something tells me that isn't a compliment :) Anyway, apparently not, since voters thought Survivor champ Dan Saltzman is a better cheerleader than I.

I think there are bigger issues to be outraged about, that truly deserve to be highlighted and panned.

Amanda: .... since voters thought Survivor champ Dan Saltzman is a better cheerleader than I

Dan Survived four successive votes that (on paper) eliminated the worst members of the city council. How do you twist this into meaning he is better than you?

Oh, the voters I was referencing were those on May 16 of last year, when Dan Saltzman was re-elected in the primary. I don't think that necessarily makes him "better" than me, but it certainly means more voters (the ones in the real election) wanted him in office than wanted me.

Don't even get me started on the 15% cut in the new Multnomah County budget. Look for more thieves and methheads to be on the loose SOON!

KISS - You must have missed this in past Oregonian and Tribune articles - Randy is suing the EPA in order to save us 1 or 2 $hundred million.

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