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Monday, April 23, 2007

An equal opportunity offender

CBS sure is doing its part to clean up the trash on our radio airwaves. First they let it go waaaayyy too far, then they yank it off the air.

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Jack, it is a gladdening day when a sense of you rises to seek the line of injust, antisocial, civil insurrection broadcasting beyond which you puke. It hasn't been clear you sensed one, short of false-alarm, "fire" in a crowded theatre, which isn't too telling now that theatres and other public assembly are dissuaded or boarded up, unless by 'fire' you meant "pull the trigger," and by 'theatre,' "a war arena," in which case, false-alarm there is also punishably unlawful 'speech' to a reasonable person.

To those of us with more sensitive, less discriminating ears, could you please explain what manner is the infantile acting-out celebrity who you see here as retarding municipal well-being "waaaayy too far," any different from LIARS Larson?, who has committed felony-category state election law violation on-air, and was on at least one losing (defense) case of libel and defamation lawsuit(s).

Would you yank LIARS off the air, or do you appreciate his foamy-lipped hatred spewed at nappy-headed illegal immigrants?

Or, for us socialistic-minded Americans, could you elucidate the gradient of anti-humankindness, on a scale from "entertaining joke in good jest," to "waaaayyy too far," in the list of copycat offenders, told for example here, where It's not just Imus, or here, where the LIARS-format leader claimed Americans "fell for" his "liberal" gunman "joke" "hook, line, and sinker"?

Lars baits people, just as most of the others do. I don't think he crosses the lines that the CBS folks have been crossing lately, however. Which are more dangerous -- Lars's words or Imus's? Hard to tell.

Neither. Tenskwatawa's words are far more threatening to freedom than anything Lars Larson, Rush Limbaugh, or Don Imus have ever said. It's not long 'til Tenskwatawa begins advocating for prison terms for those with whom it disagrees. Sad, and clearly the product of public school "Social Studies" courses wherein things like health care are described as a "right" but freedom of speech isn't.

The electromotive frequency (radio wave) spectrum of our atmosphere and airsheds, is like the temperature range limits of our rivers and watersheds -- community property.

And, yeah, if someone upstream the river I drink from is overheating or poisoning the water, only a small dosage at a time so it takes twenty years or longer to destroy my brain cells and impair rational thinking -- mine, and EVERYone else's vital needs in the water -- yeah, nevermind the someone upstream is on their own private property, I DO support arresting them and imprisoning them, if it is taken to that extreme by them refusing the collective sanction against them.

If the exact parallel between public-domain water supply and public-domain radiowaved knowledge supply seems disconnected for you, then stay air-headed and try this example: If someone in the public airshed is blazing microwaves through the air, frying everyone's brain in the wide beam, (only a little at a time, not so much that you get headaches, or 'feel' it, just ... frying your brain), and despite that the microwave is on private property, we can and should arrest the microwave perp, too, yeah, I say so. The distinction between microwaves's EMF's physiological effects destroying brains, and LIARS's misinformation's psychological affects destroying brains, is a distinction without a difference. Either way: Brains shrivel and retard.

It is not a matter in the broadcasted radiowave 'footprint,' of whether anyone agrees with the informational content, or not. It is the matter that THAT is PUBLIC AIR. (With limits to its frequency range.)

Yank LIARS off the air, and the whole damn format of sociopolitical one-way (i.e., broadcasting) informational indoctrination bonkers -- exclusively rightist OR exclusive leftist extremes -- OFF the airwaves. That is PUBLIC AIR they are polluting.

(Your problem, J.F., and the problem of dittoheads like you, is you never did, and CANNOT, show prove or demonstrate that massmedia was ever exclusively leftist (liberal) to begin with (and in FACT, that means: in TRUE ACTUAL REALITY: massmedia never was 'liberal') -- you only mimicked Rash Lamebrain's dictate saying so. It is YOU and HE who are the pinched-brain bozos guilty of what you accuse in others -- that you would defile the broadcast informers only because YOU do not like or agree with the valid and purposeful, helpful, public education in worldly news. Lamebrain and you are the unreasoned products of violent belligerence behavior models.)

Let the brain-bent ones rant in blogs and convene their dozen cultists to it, where it is a private occupation, not public encroachment. Or let them in the public square to stand and deliver in-person, habeas corpus, where interactive dialogue and audience feedback can moderate them.

I don't say shut them up. I don't say lock them up. I say make them bring their broadcast behaviors out of their sarcophagus bunkers of immature brains and face us. Use facts. You know -- reality, and truth.

So, like, J.F., you are lying in what you said about me, and your thought is misinformed. Unless you got, like, you know, some FACTS.

Unless this is the topic ...

Are Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh to blame for Cho's massacre at Virginia Tech?, by Richard Mathis

“[Cho] had to be a liberal. You start railing against the rich and all this other -- this guy's a liberal. He was turned into a liberal somewhere along the line. So it's a liberal that committed this act.” So declared Rush Limbaugh on the massacre at Virginia Tech.

Not to be outdone in carpetbag demagoguery, Newt Gingrich declared that 40 years of liberalism has caused society to get mean and nasty. Liberalism is responsible for young people losing their souls by playing violent video games. "We don't have any discussion about what's happened to our culture because while we're restricting political free speech ...."

Let the brain-bent ones rant in blogs

See above.

Exactly. How's that working for you?

please, let us be honest!!

we may talk about racial inequality, that is, the divide between black and white....and equal opportunities....

we omit so much of the population who also are stakeholders, who are equals that do and should have a voice, who have rights and duties to this nation.

we have the responsibility to be INCLUSIVE.

asain americans are often treated as foreigners, as guests who should be grateful for the advantages that have been given to them.

despite attempts to assimilate, it is NEVER fully accomoplished because asain americans are ALWAYS UNITED by sterotypes.

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