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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Zach is back; so is losing

Trail Blazer star Zach Randolph has returned to the team from his lap dance bereavement leave, and after winning three games straight without him in the lineup, the Blazers have now lost two in a row with him. I was starting to come around to thinking he was worth the trouble he causes, but this is not a helpful trend in that regard. Maybe he should play in China for a while.

On a much happier note, there's this.

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And...Zach had 7 TOs! Nothing in the paper this morning about the style of play with Zach and without him.

Well, I've officially downgraded 'I'll take any sucker's money that would be he'll be traded' to 'I have no idea what's gonna happen'.

Someone call Zeke!

Nobody's really talking about this, but adding to the scumbagativity of Zach is the fact that HE HAS A ONE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER.

As a father myself, ugh. It's not just going to the strip clubs, it's the frequency with which he seems to do it and the utter contempt with which he seems to regard the women.

There's one slimeball left on the team and his name is Zach Randolph. His play, while statistically pleasing, isn't enough to keep him around. Ship him, Kevin, SHIP HIM!

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