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Thursday, March 1, 2007

You's got a friend

It didn't Governor Ted long to put Youlee You back on the bench in Multnomah County Circuit Court. You was bounced last year after being ratted out by her neighbor, Leslie Roberts, who challenged her residency. Roberts then ran for her seat and won. You, who's been cooling her heels as an appellate lawyer in the state Justice Department, has now been appointed to fill a vacancy in another courtroom in the same building as Roberts's.

Good thing they check for weapons at the front door of that place, although I think one could do a lot of damage with a staple remover.

Comments (23)

Let me get this straight. You didn't meet the residency requirement -- even though you've lived here quite some time. You will serve in the same courthouse as Roberts, even though you're not qualified to serve as a judge. You and Roberts were neighbors, even though you live nowhere near Roberts.

I'm so confused. :)

It makes You wonder.

To: The Hon. Leslie Roberts,

You think You will harbor ill will against you? You should be careful when you are around You, because you never know about You. You may say she doesn't blame you, but you already know You plays a little fast and loose with the facts, don't you.

Excellent. Who did you say was on first?

tODD: My understanding was that she didn't meet the requirements at the time, but was very close, so it is possible that she meets them now.

Michael, would it help if I told you that every second-person pronoun I used referred to Jack, and that I was very careful in my placement of certain surnames?

Ms. You was a few months short of meeting the three-year residency requirement when the Governor appointed her last year. She met the requirement in December 2006 or January 2007, and became eligible to be appointed ("reappointed?").

Todd, this is not about me. It's about You.

You be the judge.

That's right.

When they pay the payroll at the courthouse every Friday, You gets the check.

Every penny of it.

Who, me?

No, You.

That's what I said!

You can't be too sure about her qualifications.

You is sure of them, but apparently you aren't.

What about Me?

Was she qualified? Who knew You.
The Nickle

Yew make fine long-bows...and are used in cancer treatment. So depending on spelling yew can be a good thing lol

What about Me?

You are out of luck.

Lucky You.

"With friends like You, who needs enemies?"

-Leslie Roberts

No, who's on first.

I dunno, I think You's on second (appointment).

Come on. I dunno's on third.


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