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Monday, March 26, 2007

Was NYPD Blue spying on you in Little Beirut?

Southeast Portland blogger Darrel Plant points out the story in Sunday's New York Times about how New York City police fanned out across the country in 2003 and 2004 to spy on folks who they supposedly thought might disrupt the Republican Convention in the Big Apple. As the story points out, many law-abiding groups were infiltrated, including some unidentified organizations right here in Oregon.

Did anybody notice any people with Flatbush accents and cop shoes at the Kerry meetups in Portland? (Besides Vera Katz...)

Comments (4)

It's hard to identify an accent when it's filtered through a bandana face mask.

You know, I recall a meeting of an organization campaigning against the [not very] PATRIOT[ic] Act some years ago here in Salem, where people were idly wondering who the spy in the room was. In an attempt to break the ice and be funny, I said I was. The joke fell pretty flat, as I recall.

I didn't believe there really might be one, so I didn't mind joking about it. Now I'm not so sure I didn't provide cover for a real spy.

What country am I in again?

Pfft, I had that article blogged on Saturday night. ;)

b!x, I bow to your prior blogging, my question to the Bog was why is this not getting more prominent notice? I think I'd even conceded in my not to him that I might have somehow missed other notices of it.

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