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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This week's crock

Since they can't do the jobs they were elected to do very well, Portland's city commissioners today sought to create another diversion by voting against war with Iran. What next, Opie? Who do you guys like in "America's Next Top Model"? And I really think you need to get on the record about this one.

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The resolution was introduced thanks to the efforts of friends of the local Iranian American community, not as a whim from some council member. A press release about the event is here. I was not part of that effort but I have friends in Portland's sizable Iranian immigrant community as well as friends who have lived and worked in Iran. If you want to point a finger, do so at these every-day people who are very worried about a US attack on Iran and are trying every avenue they can to raise awareness and to educate their elected officials (regional and federal) about Iran and Iranian people.

Come on Jack these guys are just doing their best in every way possible to keep Portland weird. It's that little slice of weirdness we all come to expect on our pillows every night before we go to sleep. So much better to live in this weird fantasy world than to worry about the lack of parking spots in the torn up downtown or the threat of parking meters on the east side to pay for street cars and trams we don't need.

trying every avenue they can to raise awareness and to educate their elected officials (regional and federal) about Iran and Iranian people.

Well, they came to the right place. The City Council will place its municipal butt on every PC bandwagon you can drive by City Hall. There's no time for saving the character of the city, or keeping it out of bankruptcy.

the lack of parking spots in the torn up downtown

Have you ever not been able to park downtown? Just curious, but I've lived in Portland since 1975, have lived downtown, graduated from PSU, spent ten years as a volunteer usher at the Performing Arts Center...and I have never --not once-- failed to find a parking space.

Speaking of volunteering at the Performing Arts Center...it must've been a dozen years or more since I pulled a gig as a volunteer usher, covering for some obscure (at least to me) Iranian folk singer. Thought it would be a quiet night. Nah...sell out show, and I was required to tell people to stop dancing in the aisles.

There are a LOT of Iranians --or Iranian-Americans-- in the 'hood. I think it's fair they don't want their country to be George Bush's next Iraq. And our Council --however goofy they may be at times-- agrees.

Well it's about time, too. Now that Bush knows that Portland is against bombing Iran, he'll just pick up the red phone and tell those war planners to quit being so so darned bellicose.

Then he'll call Putin and tell him we don't care whether or not they've been paid for that nuclear reactor: just build it, cause Portland's really pissed this time.

Then he'll call the CIA, and tell them that the City of Portland isn't worried about nuclear proliferation or holocaust deniers, because we don't see how it can hurt us.

That should pretty much put an end to the risk of a nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran. Thanks, Portland. And a special thanks to you, Mayor Potter.

Wait til Homer tells the Council he wants to build condos on the bombed out shells of Iranian buildings. The PCC will change their vote faster than you can say, "Mixed-use Persopolis Condo".

Geez, I was hoping they had time to pass a resolution outlawing cancer or world hunger.

Dear god, what a bunch of idiots - I am speaking of the voters who buy this smokescreen.

on Randy Gragg's recommendation, i hear they're voting against nostalgia.


I've live in P-Town since '88, and yes I have always managed to find a parking spot downtown...eventually. My gripe is about the loss of spots along 3rd and 4th to make temporary bus stops because of the construction on 5th and 6th. Yes I still find a spot, but it takes a lot longer than it used to. I avoid the downtown as much as possible as a consequence.

i hear they're voting against nostalgia

Yeah, they just did...voting not to support some 5o year old ballfields long maintained by the south east neighborhood that nurtured them all these years. Earmarked to become a "natural" area, instead...and the kids can play ball off Columbia Boulevard.

I dunno...maybe the right decision --I really don't know all the details-- but listening to the Council meeting Wednesday it sure sounded sucky to this old little leaguer's ears. People talking about playing as kids...now taking their grandkids; it just sounded wrong to take their ballparks away.

find a parking spot downtown...eventually

I've never failed to find a spot in a parking garage.

The other thing is...I'm downtown nearly every day, and the key is you don't bring your car with you.

Finding a parking spot in Bridgeport Village...now there' a nightmare.

Frank, I happen to need more than my billfold and cellphone to come downtown-I need my car to carry five sets of plans, brief case, camera, model, books, code books, etc. Life isn't simple for many of us. Plus many times I have a meeting 15 minutes after my last one. Walking or TriMet doesn't work.

I need my car

You own a car? What's wrong with you?

"What's wrong with you?"

He must be a Lars type hell bent on
destroying our public schools.

He must be a Lars type hell bent on
destroying our public schools.

Huh? Where did that come from?

What's next for the Portland City Council, after it decided not to bomb Iran?

Well, I bet they will vote to get the city into the bicycle rental business. Tramcycles, anyone? For $55 million, they could buy a lot of tramcycles. They could allow Homer to advertise his condos on the sides of the bikes for free.

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