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Saturday, March 17, 2007

There's no in-between

Today everything is either black or white.

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Bah! Those are both ORANGE whiskies!

"Those are both ORANGE whiskies!"

Or "Prot-whisk" (Protestant whiskey) as I've picked up from the several times I've visited Ireland. Not that it really matters. It's really never been about Protestant vs. Catholic...


You can't be too pure these days. The Guinness I'm drinking right now was brewed in Canada.

It's true. But, as I had a Jacquine explain to me, any Irishman knows a good whiskey, and Bushmills is the best. It transcends all distinctions, religious and secular.

It used to be here in OLCC-controlled Oregon, one could only obtain either Bushmills, Jameson's, or that green Irish whiskey, Murphy's, from Cork, if memory serves. It was whiskey garbage, so, by default, Bushmills came to be the best you could get. Thankfully, things have improved since those dark days and it's now possible to get Dullamore Dew, Power's, and Paddy's. Bush is still the best.

Take it from the godfry...8^D}


Guinness sold in the cans (draught-style) here is brewed in Dublin. It's what I usaully buy. Not that there'a anything wrong with the stuff in the bottles from Toronto. Guinness is brewed in some 50 countries. The US isn't one of them. Legend has it Dublin-native Bono (of U2 fame) prefers Guinness from Jamacia.

Can't-be-too-pure-these-days FYI:

The Guinness, Bushmills and Baileys brands - in addition to many, many others - are owned by Diageo, a London-based company.

As for Irish whiskey, I'm a Jameson kinda guy myself. And I usually have a bottle of Red Breast - available via the OLCC for a few years now, thank god - on hand for those special occasions.


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