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Thursday, March 8, 2007

The scent of an "A"

Cramming for tests may take on a new sensory dimension once this news gets out.

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Buy stock in rose oil.

Hrm. I wonder if this is the reason people claim that if they study while getting stoned, they do well the next day if they get stoned right before the test. It's all just the scent.

Maybe there is some way this can be used on the Oregon Legislature in some fashion. Remembering that they are there to serve the people of Oregon, and not their party or the interest group that paid for that nice vaction to Maui, Israel, etc.

I could come up with some sort of tie in to my over the top post regarding smells earlier today, but I'll follow Jack's lead and give it a rest.

The author of the article is obviously well educated. I like the subtle allusion to one of the most famous of literary scents.

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