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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The deadline looms

Still sweating over that NCAA pool bracket of yours? Relax -- here's all you need to know. Just do what I do -- guess!

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The Imus in the Morning sports guy picked Oregon in the Final Four. Nice to see some Big Apple love for the Ducks.

Go Ducks! They're gonna have to shoot the lights out to get past Florida, I'd imagine.

And you have Georgia Tech beating Oregon? No!!! It's Oregon all the way!

Not a bad bracket. I actually have Memphis winning it all. And I have Arizona upsetting Florida in the second round.....


As for the Ducks, when you live by the jump shot, you die by the jump shot.

It's funny how nobody ever uses the "pick the team with the highest graduation rate" technique for the NCAAs.


Somewhere in Eugene, Pat Kilkenny is secretly wishing for an early Duck exit so he can whack Kent. I say he gets his wish on Friday. RedHawks by 10-plus.

One day closer to football season.

The Ducks have no big men. Which will keep them for advancing very deep. I have Georgetown winning it all, FYI. They have played excellent ball and are only getting better.

Well, the Ducks lack of bigs certainly didn't hurt them when they beat Georgetown. They held Hibbert and Green to 9 pts.

You can say the same thing about elite guard play: You can't get too far in the tourney without it.

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